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Ever since it was announced almost a year ago that the third Captain America movie would be [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), fans have been arguing back and forth good-naturedly about which side they'd back in the upcoming battle between the MCU's superheroes.

Of course, no Marvel fan debate would be complete without The Generalissimo himself, Stan Lee, weighing in on where he stands on the matter.

Outside of his Stan's Rants video series, Lee can sometimes be a bit noncommittal in his unscripted answers in public, being the good-natured and neutral showman that he is. But in this case, Lee had no qualms about taking a clear stance on the issue when a young fan asked him at the Edmonton Comic Expo this weekend who he'd side with in the upcoming Civil War:

Whatever side Captain America was on, because he's the best, pure-hearted person in the whole world. By the way, he's a great actor, too, the guy who plays Captain America does a beautiful job - Chris Evans. I say that because he likes me, and anyone who likes me is a great actor.

Spoken as only Stan Lee can, with honesty and silliness mixed into the same answer. You can check out the full audio of the panel below.

Fun fact: At 92 years of age, Stan Lee, who was born in 1922, is only 4 years younger than Captain Steve Rogers, born in 1918.

Now, the real question is...whose side are you on?

Captain America: Civil War is in theaters on May 6, 2016.



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