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During Salt Lake Comic Con, there was a lot of excitement over the Marvel stars that were coming, along with many other movie and tv personalities. One of the most exciting news for me, however, was when it was confirmed that Hilly and Hannah of The Hillywood Show fame would be making an appearance.Having been a fan of theirs for years I reached out, and was able to get in touch with them during their busy weekend here in Utah. While they consistently had a line of fans waiting for them, they did sit down for a few moments to answer a few questions and talk about their experience.

Hannah & Hilly with "Baby"
Hannah & Hilly with "Baby"

One of the things that I have noticed is that they do a lot of good with their work, 10% of what they make goes immediately to St Jude's Hospital. I know that many fans were just glad to get a hello when meeting them, and they were down to earth, making sure that each person got individual attention and time with them. Something that definitely has come to mind in the past is why they started doing The Hillywood Show, and why they have done it for so long

Hilly: The inspiration was honestly to just make people laugh, that's how it's always been. Something that kids can come home to and watch and not be depressed or upset. So that's kind of what we wanted it to be and time and time again God has proven that to us with emails like yours. You know? And it's like, it's really mind blowing.
Hilly as Captain Jack Sparrow
Hilly as Captain Jack Sparrow

Many of their original sketches centered around the misadventures of Will Turner and Jack Sparrow, and had always been a favorite of mine. It had always made me wonder if they just had really liked and were inspired by the actor.

Hannah: I don't really quite know that. I mean I know that he's one of our favorites. We used to, before the show, do really big birthday parties where we would dress up. Halloween year around kind of thing and she always like to dress as certain characters of Johnny Depp because they were really iconic. We just had these costumes so she said 'Why not use them instead of spending a bunch of money on new costumes I'll use the ones I have.'

I mentioned that they had done sketches before, like the one with them meeting Sweeney Todd and wondered whatever happened to them.

Hilly: The 'Sweeney Todd' one is on vimeo. It got taken down because of copyright.
Hannah: Because Youtube was cracking down and then they kind of lessened up on that.
Hilly as Dean Winchester
Hilly as Dean Winchester

They are mostly known these days for their parodies of shows, most recently their parody of Supernatural. It always seems like they are able to come up with this stuff fairly easily, but the real question is which comes first? What show they want to do? Or the song they chose?

Hilly: Mostly it's hearing the music first. Yeah, we go 'Oh hey! I picture this working!
The Sanderson Sisters have a lot of material
The Sanderson Sisters have a lot of material

When asked if there was anything in particular that they really wanted to work on they had some ideas.

Hilly: I wanna do 'Hocus Pocus'. I wanna do 'Star Wars' I wanna do 'Sherlock'

But when asked who would they play if they were to do Hocus Pocus who would they play, there was a very emphatic answer

Hilly & Hannah: Secret!
Hannah: You're gonna have to wait and see.

They do normally have some small sketches and vlogs with one or two big projects a year, and when I asked if they had anything big that they were working on.

Hilly: We wanted to put out 'Hocus Pocus' for Halloween, however we can't because we are trying to raise money for that and future parodies. So we got and that's the place where fans can go and donate monthly. It could be as little as $5. And with enough people doing it we'll be able to have consistent parodies all year round.
Newest idea for Hillywood?
Newest idea for Hillywood?

I had done a little research, and I found out that awhile back they had said that they wanted to do an Alice in Wonderland parody. I wondered if perhaps that might be in the works now that there is a sequel coming soon.

Hilly: If Patreon pulls through, I'm ok with all parodies.

They really are amazing people, with big imaginations. Hopefully we will be seeing bigger and more amazing things from them in the future.

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