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A cynic who's eaten one too many Redvines
Collins Vincent

We know that Hollywood has made it very clear that they are willing to borrow inspiration from wherever they can in order to craft potentially lucrative film franchises. In fact, it was already announced that there would be a movie based on Peeps Marshmallows, which pretty much tells you that Hollywood has no borders when it comes to finding material that will turn a profit. Skittles is one of the many brands that hasn't been discussed for a feature film, but you can bet that studios would be willing to start an all out bidding war over it if someone managed to create and pitch a groundbreaking story centered around the colorful candy.

Let's not forget that their was a bidding war for an emojis movie.Yes, an emojis movie is on the way and will be here faster than you can say "Sony Pictures". Skittles might not be the talk of the town right now, but sooner or later a studio is going to get "franchise-hungry" and start scrambling to adapt the cheapest product they can find. The very idea of a Skittles movie, and movies based on things you'd rather put in your stomach sounds ridiculous, absurd, and possibly everything in between, but when you sit back and look at it from a less objective perspective, you can see the brilliance in it. Picture how the film would be marketed, and how easily it could be marketed since the Skittles brand is well-known and would only require a minimum amount of marketing by the studio.

At this point you probably want to shout about how Hollywood is bankrupt when it comes to originality, and how you wish studios gave producers, writers, and directors, the chance to come up with fresh and original ideas for films. This is the point where you just have to accept the current landscape of the industry and how they are hesitant to bet on original films and ideas because they are considered too big of a risk without certain key factors in play. There could come a day when Hollywood feels more confident in giving original ideas a shot, but for now there are higher chances of a Skittles movie happening then there are of original films being green-lighted left and right.


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