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It's the next show in line for Marvel's Netflix domination. With the success of Daredevil, Marvel is now looking into Jessica Jones doing the same. The heroine is set to debut on Netflix November 20th and comic book fans are rejoicing. I myself would not consider myself too knowledgeable in her mythos but do have some origin background on her. The show is one of four shows that will ultimately lead to the anticipated Defenders series with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. We already got a sample of what to expect from Jessica Jones with a teaser earlier this month, and now we have another. Check out my reaction for the tease and a breakdown below!

Here is my reaction to the tease make sure to subscribe to my channel for more videos!

Check out a quick breakdown I did on the short clip for a little bit more knowledge!

The latest teaser is set in Hell's Kitchen where Daredevil also resides, if you remember, and its 2:59 pm when we enter a room that's pretty much not organized.

As you can see, there are clothes everywhere, a DSLR and some photos all over the ground. If you're not familiar with Jessica Jones, she is pretty much a private investigator, so that would explain the photographs and camera. The other thing worth noting is that the bottles could pretty much tell us she's going through a rough time at the moment.

I mean, clearly shes not in the best condition at this point in time as we can see it being almost 3 pm and she's pretty much knocked out. I also love how the teaser makes her grounded and she feels like a real human being who has hardships like any other. I mean, she is a private investigator so her sleeping in would make a lot of sense.

Jessica ends up proving when the alarm goes off that she's just like anyone of us who just has a hard time getting up. She goes on to try and shut it off, but when she gets frustrated it doesn't end well for the clock. I'm pretty sure any of us would want to do the same on those morning that were just not feeling it.This proves she might be like anybody else, but with some added strengths that include super-strength!

Jessica Jones is set to premiere on November 20th with all episodes available to stream on Netflix. Are you excited for Jessica Jones and the upcoming Defenders crossover?


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