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Maya Adelita Cosby

So I've seen all the MCU movies, and whenever I go back and re-watch them I find little things that stick out.

I recently watched Captain America, The Winter Soldier again and started thinking about the scene where Steve Rogers comes home to find Nick Fury in his apartment- Nick is explaining to the Captain that S.H.I.E.L.D. is compromised...

now my theory is, is that Nick stood up and got shot on purpose. Nick knew that he had a hit on him, he knew that in order to fix the situation he would have to die. I think he knew that the Winter Soldier was on the roof planning to shoot him and so in order to avoid a kill shot he stood up so the shot would enter elsewhere. He knew that going to Steve's home would result in a chase leaving no time for Bucky (Winter Soldier) to make sure he'd done the job. He was taken to hospital and pronounced dead just like he planned.

Something else that leads me to believe that Nick planned this was the call he made to Maria Hill in is car during the first attempt on his life. Nick at that time realized what was wrong and made the call to agent Hill to come up with the plan on how he'd die and come back to help the team later (sneaky bastard).

You all know the rest, the team takes down the enemy (for now) and they win the day!

What do you guys think of this? Was it just coincidence that Nick survived a second time, or did he plan it the moment he got away from the "cops" the first time around?


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