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A lot of people might rag on Myspace for getting completely trumped by Facebook in the social media game. It may seem like nobody uses the social media tool anymore, but the Wall Street Journal recently posted that 50 million people still check out the website every month. That's not bad at all! No Facebook, but certainly a solid number of unique visitors.

Anyway, if you were a social media user during the Myspace reign, you should be thoroughly familiar with the following photo:

I know, the resolution isn't great, but this is about as good as it gets as far as trying to get this photo. I don't think that this photo exists in high definition, to be honest.

But I digress. The fact is, if you had Myspace, you know that there was literally no way NOT to have Tom Anderson -- co-founder of the company -- as a friend. The photo above was his profile pic and it took on a life of its own as millions of eyeballs would eventually aim their gaze at this man's left shoulder and grinning face.

If you're interested in seeing what he's up to now, you can peruse his Instagram, from which we found the above photo of him looking very different.

Another interesting thing is that Myspace Tom doesn't have as many followers as you might expect from such a legendary persona. 163k is nothing to sneeze at, don't get me wrong. I just think he could easily have a million or more if more people knew about his IG!

He's been truly putting his money to good use, seeing the world and doing so relatively incognito... especially since, unlike Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, he's not necessarily a household name at this point. Nobody has made a movie about him, either (get on that, Hollywood).

I don't think very many Myspace users really knew his last name, because on the site it literally just said "Tom." Ever since the end of his connection to Myspace (at least from a managerial standpoint) Anderson has been galavanting across the globe, taking amazing professional-quality photos at every stop.

Myspace Tom's life is amazing, so stop making fun of Myspace!

Here's evidential proof that Tom from Myspace is still living the dream... and taking amazing photographs of said dream in the process.

Wait, Myspace Tom was at Burning Man?

Now, if only Myspace Tom would invite me on ONE of these trips. Just one. C'mon Tom, I thought you were my friend!

Should they make a Myspace Tom version of The Social Network? Better question, how many Oscars would it win? Answer: all of them.

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