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Chapter One

I watched him out of the corner of my eye, as we buttered up our victims.

He'd picked out a newly married couple on vacation in Florence, Italy. Damon was charming the poor woman to confusion and the husband was already under my control. Any second now and we'd attack.

I shot Damon a glance, telling him I'm waiting for you!

He shot one back, with his deep blue eyes, that told me Patience, love.

I nodded, so slightly the human eye couldn't detect it.

Okay one, two, three ...Now.

I pounced, my elongated canines sought the neck of the man. He flinched but did not scream.

He didn't care that I was about to drain some of the blood out of his body. Not while he was under my Influence. My Powers were on the increase since my second try at the vampire lifestyle. I still had my wing powers and had gained full control over them, but now I had even greater Powers. Thinking of my vampire life, turned my thoughts to my vampire boyfriend. I sought Damon's mind and felt his mental voice connect with mine.

Are you finished, Damon? I want to get out of here!

Almost, my love.

I pushed the unconscious man to the floor and stepped over him and walked into their en-suite bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. I had some blood trailing down the side of my mouth, so I washed it off. I looked at my reflection a second longer. I was dressed completely in black.

Black lace corset vest, black skinny jeans and black knee-length boots.

I truly looked like a 'sister of the night' as Damon calls fellow vampires. My dark brown hair even contributed to my 'vampire look'.

I joined Damon back in the living quarters of the honeymoon suite. He was putting the couple on the bed, probably after Influencing them to forget the whole night.

I watched him, while leaning against the door frame, in awe of his beauty even in doing something that should be horrifying.

Satisfied with his work, he stood up and turned to me.

"What?" He asked, with a small smile on his face.

"Nothing, just enjoying the view that's all."

His face shifted into amusement as I sauntered over to him. I placed my hands on his chest, under his leather jacket. He rubbed the tops of my bare arms.

"Where's your jacket?" He asked.

Good question. Where did... What was the man's name? Richard. Where did Richard put my jacket? I glanced round the room. A-Ha.

On the ottoman. I'll grab it and we can leave. I said mentally.

Are you finished for the night? His voice asked.

I nodded. I walked away and put on my leather jacket. It was black, cropped, and fit like a dream.

I took his hand and we ran out of the hotel.

I love the speed that comes with being a vampire. We had reached our hotel room within a matter of minutes. Damon put on the stereo, raising his eyebrows when it blasted out The Pretty Reckless Far From Never.

"I like her voice" I said defensively.

He held his hands up in the universal 'I surrender' sign.

The doorbell buzzed. I looked at Damon and he slightly crouched, moving into the defensive, like a wild panther protecting its mate from an enemy. He stalked to the door, and slowly turned the handle.

I couldn't believe it. Stefan was standing in the door way, his green eyes dancing but still sad.


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