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Chapter Three

I packed my things, yet again, in a dark blue duffel bag. All my clothes, shoes, belongings all in one large duffel bag. I thought we'd be able to stay here for at least a little while longer, but I had unintentionally stuffed it up.

Bonnie and Meredith need you, so suck it up and deal with it, my mind told me.

But part of me told me that if I saw them again I'd never want to leave them and Damon would never settle for life in a small town.

I wouldn't mind as long as you were with me, His voice whispered to me.

Am I projecting my thoughts too loud? I thought.

No, turn around. I did as I was told and he was standing behind me. His eyes looked worried and his face showed concern. Time to put an end to that.

I kissed him, pulling him in close, merging our minds so we could have privacy.

But what about Stefan? Fells Church is his home, and you two would just keep butting heads like usual. That's why we left. I wanted him to have a clean break. No drama, no me, no you, and then if he was at peace so could we be.

He doesn't want peace. He wants you. He would embrace drama, even me, if it meant being near you.

I don't think I can do this, Damon. I can't keep hurting him. It's not right. And it's not fair.

After we've saved the town, we'll have to disappear. No contact whatsoever.

He nodded, but made no effort to end the kiss. He wrapped his arms around me tightly. I laughed but didn't pull away. His kisses were the best part of this life, the sweetest part. I would willingly stay like this for all eternity if I could, but other things would get in the way. Other people.

Stefan cleared his throat. I pulled away, slightly embarrassed by our public exhibition, but that didn't mean Damon was.

"Brother, this is our bedroom, is it not common courtesy to knock before entering the living quarters of another person? What would Signor Marino say?"

"Well, brother, I would not know. Maybe because it was such a long time ago or maybe because the man has been dust for centuries!"

"If you two are going to start already, spare me. I will wait in the Ferrari, Damon, while the two of you sort yourselves out. If I hear any fighting, so help me God, I will beat the living dead out of you both!"

I stalked out of the room, and sat in the passenger seat of the Ferrari. Damon always drove. Even when we travelled in my car (the new Ferrari 458), he drove.

I didn't have to wait long before Damon appeared in the drivers seat.

"Where's Stefan's Porche?"

"Round back. We'll meet on the ferry" I nodded.

With that, we zoomed off into further darkness.


I spent the ferry ride asleep in the car. The boys were up on the entertainment deck, amusing themselves while I stayed down here. I mean, they weren't willing but I wanted to be alone, so I near enough pushed them up the stairs. Damon most likely was up at the bar, charming the life out of some poor barmaid and Stefan was probably...I don't really know.

I wanted to be alone so I could think. What if they put their faith in me to solve this problem and I failed them? They all think I'm special, that I'm their saviour, how can that be?

You are my saviour. You saved me from the emptiness I've been feeling for centuries. You won't fail us because I believe in you, my princess of darkness.

Even putting some distance between us, you're still snooping on my thoughts. What exactly are you doing up there, Damon?

Nothing much. Getting a free drink. I could almost see the mischievous smile form on his face before he turned it off just as quickly.

What's Stefan up to?

Sitting next to me. I'd bet all the blood on this boat that he could feel my shock and surprise.

Doing what?

Elena, love, we're at a bar. Isn't it obvious?

Why is he next to you?

Catching up, I suppose. Snooping. Trying to pry out of me what you have been up to for the past two years.

Well you can tell him I've been having the time of my undead life! Now stop listening to my thoughts. I heard him laugh at me. There was no chance in hell he would stop even when I'd asked. He was overprotective.

I blocked my thoughts from him and Stefan but that didn't stop their thoughts invading mine.

Lovely little love, I am worried about you.

How so, Stefan? I am fine with my life, blissfully happy with Damon, what else is there for you to be worried about?

You weren't designed for this life, Elena. You are a pure maiden with a pure heart.

Well, Stefan, it's been two years since I was a pure maiden and I never had a pure heart. No one looked closely enough to notice my dark streak. It was always there Stefan just unused and forgotten. Damon noticed it. He showed me how to use it. I couldn't be your perfect lovely love. I tried but I couldn't be what you wanted or what you needed. I was made for Damon. He is my soulmate and I can't go back to what I was anyhow. So I don't know what you were hoping to achieve by asking me to go back, because I can't.

There's always a way back, Elena. You were always what I wanted and needed. You had that dark side but you made up for it with that blinding light in you. You can come back if you chose to.

STOP! Brother leave her be, or I'll have to punish you. Don't trouble an already troubled mind.

It felt like there was a call centre inside my head.

If you don't mind, gentlemen, but this silent conversation is giving me a headache. I'm closing the call centre for tonight, boys. See you in the morning.

I moved to the back of the car and went to sleep.


I was asleep when we made the journey into Fells Church but as soon as we had entered, I was pulled upright in my seat, made completely awake by some unseen entity.

My head started throbbing and then it felt like I had walked into the sun without my ring and I was being burned alive. I screamed and clutched at my head, pulling my hair.

"What is it Elena?" Damon yelled, trying to control me and the car.

"Something...bad is...hurting me...burning the inside...of my brain," I screamed again.

"Make it stop! My heads is on fire! Wings of Protection!"

My wings spread inside the car, encasing me in gossamer, and the pain eased as the wings fought against the invisible threat..

"You alright?" He was trying to find his way through the wings.

"Are you?" I pulled my wings back into my body. Then I grabbed his face and made sure he wasn't hurt. He had a past of pulling in the pain. He showed no signs, so I blew out a sigh of relief.

"Why did it attack you and not me? What was it?"

"I don't know why me and not you. I can tell you it wasn't malach, it was something different. It was filled with hate and a thirst for death. My death."

We drove past my old house, and down the road, when I realised there was something wrong. There was no obvious signs of human life. I probed the area with a blast of power and came up empty. Where was everyone?

We pulled up in front of Bonnie's house and Damon tooted the horn.

The sight I saw was jaw-dropping. Meredith came out with her pistols drawn, followed by Matt and Bonnie who was clinging on to Matt for dear life.

I sped out of the car and pulled Meredith into an embrace before she had time to react.

Her knees gave way and she sobbed in my arms. Meredith, sobbed. Something really devastating must be at work here to make my Meredith cry.

"It's okay, Meredith, we're here now and I swear on my own life, or unlife, that I will die before anything happens to any of you."

She nodded and passed me onto Bonnie who was shaking and sniffling.

"You need my help, Bonnie. Only you can ask for it because I won't do this willingly. You have to want my help before I give it because it isn't good okay?"

She nodded, wiping her eyes with her sleeve. She released Matt's tear soaked arm and walked towards me.

"I need your help, Elena. I keep seeing things and going into trances and not being able to find my way out. The things I've seen..." She broke off with a choked sob.

"I can help you but it means going into trance and seeing things you don't want to. Can you do that?" I asked.

She nodded.

"Take my hands." I said.

She held them and clasped them tightly.

"Everyone take a step back, or you'll get a bit burnt," I paused and spoke with a whisper.

"Wings of Fire"

Bright scarlet wings encased us in fire and I could here the shouting of the others, all trying to put it out.

Don't put it out, you'll break my concentration and I'll lose control of it. So leave it be.

I faintly heard Damon, ordering the others to leave it. I didn't pay to much attention to it, as Bonnie was going into trance.

Bonnie, I need to see what you've seen. Don't panick, you're safe and no one can touch you, not with me here. They will feel the power emitting from us and cower so nothing will touch us.

I need you to call on the creatures you've seen. That way I'll know what we're dealing with and how to deal with it.

In her mind, we were in the woods and there was a scene playing out. Shinichi and Miaso were on there knees in their human forms and were begging for their lives. I chuckled at their misfortunes, until I saw who they were asking forgiveness from. The creature was in human form and he was at least 8 ft tall. He had the same jet black hair with bright red tips as Shinichi and Miaso, but his were all the brighter and darker. He was lean but well built and looked as hard as nails.

I left Bonnie where she was and walked into the clearing.

"Well what do we have here?" I asked.

Their heads all whipped around to see me.

Shinichi and Miaso looked upon me with a mixture of emotions; hate, fear, respect, and more fear.

The character standing laughed.

"This, my children, was the young girl who defeated you?" He laughed even harder.

"She is nothing but a vampire. A young vampire. You really must have lost you powers as well as your brains."

"Well I can see where the twins get their stupidity from! Their father, I assume. What is your name, sir" I asked.


"Loki, as in the Norse god of thievery, magic and fire?"

"He was based on me, child."

"Loki, just like these two, you underestimate me and my friends. I will bring you down, kitsune."

"We'll see young one. How about a show of power, then maybe I'll believe you."

I nodded.

"Wings of Death." I yelled.

Wings as dark as the night formed at my back and I threw their power forward towards Shinichi and Miaso. Shinichi threw himself infront of his sister and moved no more.

"You think that was power? Ha I've seen better, young one."

Wings of Life.

I stepped over Shinichi, pushing a frantic Miaso out of the way and touched his forhead. His eyes fluttered and he blinked. He stared at me in wonder, scuttling away and hiding behind his sister.

"I'm Elena Gilbert. I'm a vampire who has the power of the spirits. You've messed with my town and my friends. You have wronged the town I died to protect. You will leave or die. Your choice."

I broke the trance. The fire was out and Bonnie was passed out in my arms. I forced her to awake.

"Bonnie, you need to rest somewhere comfortable. Then, I or Damon will teach you to channel your powers. Can you walk?"

She shook her head.

I swept her up into my arms and walked to the door.

"You gonna have to invite me in. I haven't been here since I...left town"

"Go in, Elena"

I ran with her upstairs and put her in her bed. I tucked her in and made sure she was comfortable and put wards at her windows to keep unsatisfactory beings away.

"Bonnie, where is everyone? Where are your parents and Mary?"

"Everyone left, Elena. Fells Church is a ghost town. When Loki arrived looking for his children, everyone left. My parents were death warmed up, they ran for the hills just like everyone else"

"Okay, go to sleep"

I closed the door gently and crept downstairs. I walked into the Bennett living room and saw shocked looks on everyones faces. Even Damon's face was set into a mask of disbelief.

"What?" I asked, taking a seat next to Damon and leaning tiredly against him.

"Your aura has suddenly turned from brilliant gold to brilliant gold slashed with balzing red."

"I released the powers I've kept hidden away. I'm exhausted."

I layed my head in Damon's lap and put my feet up on the sofa. He stared down into my eyes and stroked my cheek.

"Your powers are bigger than what I've known. How?" He asked.

I kissed his hand as it neared my mouth.

"My transition from human-spirit to vampire-spirit opened me up to more powers. I know each and everyone of them and their uses but I wouldn't like to use them in front of you all. You wouldn't approve."

"By us you mean me." Stefan corrected. I sat up and glared at him.

"Yes, Stefan, I meant you. These powers are dark and deadly. By approve, I think it would make you feel disgust and the rest of you fear. You have no idea of what havoc I could reap on this town or what destruction I could cause. Thankfully, I have use of my old wing powers. So, what are you gonna do about it, Stefan?"

He kept quiet.

"These powers are going to help us. What did you see, Elena, when you and Bonnie went into trance?" Matt asked.

Matt? I hadn't realised he was sitting here. I got up slowly edged my way round the table.

I kept eye contact with him as to ensure I wasn't going to hurt him.

He must have sensed this as he got up and threw his arms around me, which was unusual for him. I clung on to him as I took in him. He was exactly the same. I needed the familiarity.

I let go of him and turned to address all of them.

"Kitsune. Shinichi and Miaso told their daddy on us. His aura wasn't like theirs. It was the deepest black ever. His name is Loki. Loki was the troublemaker of the Norse gods. He was a master of thievery, magic and fire and this Loki seems to be the same."

"What can we do to stop him?" Matt asked.

"I don't know. He seems far to powerful, apparently with kitsune power comes with age. He seems to have made a mess of this town. Which means I won't stop until I've stopped him."

Remembering the look on Shinichi and Miaso's faces, I burst out laughing.

Soon enough, I was collapsed on the floor with people questioning my sanity.

I tried and just barely succeeded on getting a hold on myself. Damon's face was highly amused by my outburst. I could tell he was just glad I was laughing.

"What was that about?"

"I wish you could have been there. You would have witnesses Shinichi's face after I killed him and brought him back to life again. Pure fear. He was scared of me. It would have been better if you had been there."

I sat down on Damon's lap and hugged him. He kissed my cheek, making me smile.

Meredith, Stefan and Matt all cleared their throats.

"You think that's funny the fact someone was scared of you. And toying with people's lives, no matter if they deserved it. Where's the innocent Elena, we knew?" Meredith asked.

I looked at her and stood up.

I looked around the room at all the faces.

"I don't know why I came here. I'm not the same and all I've done is disappoint you!"


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