ByKristi Sattazahn, writer at

First I must say that the original Nightmare on Elm Street Series played by Robert Englund is by far the best than any remake. The only Freddy film that was awful I believe was Freddy's revenge it was just dumb. But what was even more dumb was to try and recreate A Nightmare on Elm Street and use a face that is not even familiar to horror fans around the world. The 2010 remake Of A Nightmare on Elm Street was absolutely pathetic. You need the real Freddy which only one person can play it is Robert Englund there is no mask over his face only a face created over his face. The shape, the gore, the texture and all the other features on Robert Englund's face specifically is what created the perfect Freddy. It is kind of like taking Michael Myers face and changing it up and putting on the screen characters face for a sequel a prequel or any film. Lastly, you cannot have a successful franchise that ran for an endless period of time suddenly be a remake reborn with a completely new face. The worst things Hollywood or any film company has done is try to recreate a movie and replace all original characters. Like a good book no other offer can rewrite it any better. Bring on Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger he deserves the role and is willing to play it.


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