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I am an Aussie Filmmaker who has a passion for telling stories that make people question their own selves.
John Hopper

In the last 5 years or so, the world has been inundated with Christian films or should I say QUALITY Christian films. With films in America such as God's Not Dead, Do You Believe?, War Room and Woodlawn, hope and faith is being restored in people's lives. It's also important to note that some of these films have dominated the Box Office as well; showing that Hollywood has nothing on God.

But enough about America. I am Australian and so this post will be focusing on Australian films- particularly local films in Queensland.

I am a filmmaker and a Christian and so it is my desire to create,direct and produce films that are not only Australian in nature but share the love of Christ in a unique and powerful way. It's time for Australian Christian films to rise and create waves around the world; all in the name of Jesus.

Sovereign is my recent short film that is faith-based and has a powerful message. What is also so amazing is that it has been nominated in several categories in the Australian Screen Industry Network Awards (ASIN). A Christian short film in a secular competition (Vote here to support this).

As well as this, my upcoming short film, GONE, will be a Christian short film that will be humorous but will have a powerful message. The story will follow a thief (Max) who breaks into a house expecting no one to be inside. Jason wakes up expecting no one to break into his house. What follows is a conversation that the two men will never forget.

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So what was the point of this article? My point is that I am not the only Aussie Christian Filmmaker or Christian Filmmaker out there. Australian Christian Films are on the rise alongside American Christian Films. It's time to make Christian films are proper film genre that shows people QUALITY Christian films.
Who is with me?


Are Christian films on the rise?


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