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To whom it may concern and all others alike.


I love StarWars! I grew up watching the older movies at my grandparents. I love everything about StarWars, the scenery, the locations, the simple yet creative props that George used, the characters; everything! I feel like I am home yet I am in a galaxy far away. So when my home was sold to Disney i felt ROBBED!!! I felt homeless. What is up with any storyline before the Disney purchase is to be "non-canon"? Shouldn't it be the otherway around?! I am nervously anxious about the new StarWars movie being released soon. I just do not want my home getting damaged and changed for the worse. Alot of fans are counting on this movie and awaiting it's release for a critical true StarWars Galaxy Saiga biased critique; this new movie will be responsible for not only upholding the true original traditional quality name of "StarWars" , but also responsible to keep the Legacy of George Lucas's StarWars, going.

PS: on a related note. In the movie of StarWars 1 the Phantom Menice, the Character Darth Maul was cut in two by Obi-Wan (played by Liam Neson) so how could Darth Maul, at any time, come back into any movie or story?


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