ByLucas Mariscal, writer at

That someone would ask such a question about the Jeepers Creepers director. Should he be allowed to do part 3. He should've never been allowed back at all but then again rumor has it that Hollywood is run my homosexuals and pedophiles. So it's not surprising at all that he was allowed back. Corey Haim and Corey Feldman are prime examples on how pedophiles roam in the movie studios. The sicker you are the more liked you are in that world. Put me in a room with any of them and the movie would be a blockbuster hit. To put on film the psychotic things I would do to hollywoods most elite pedophiles. You get a guy caught here and there but never a real investigation. You would think the Feds would be all over that but I guess someone is paying big bucks to keep it all under wraps. Is it so hard to believe? We just saw a movie called Black mass where the FBI helped a criminal get ahead. So tell me? Is it to hard to believe that Hollywood is run by rich sadistic perverts? When you're taking in $136 million on one movie in a weekend that's the kind of money that it takes to hush it all down.


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