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I am not a movie critic, I am just a guy who loves movies

The amazing spider-man is my spider-man film, its the spider-man film thati have been waiting for as a spider-man fan. The amazing spider-man 1 i love by the way as well but i do like this film more. And i also love spider-man 1 and 2 and 3 so lets get on with the reveiw.

The good. the action is so good and so spetacular and so much fan as well. The visual effects are great. And the acting is also very well done. The tone every one complanes about but i like the tone its a very upbet world and thats a perfect world that spider-man should be in so i hope that fixes one of there problems. The relastionships are very well done, and i cemistry between harry and peter is so fantastic also the cemistry between peter parker and gwen is also very well done and fantastic.

The bad. all i really got for negative is electros lines like its my birthday and its time to light out my candles and yes that is pretty stupid, but again that is pretty much it for the bad/negatives.

fanil verdict. the amazing spider-man 2 is a amazing spider-man film and the action is great and the drama is fantastic and that is my favorite part of the of film. so overall iam going to give the amazing spider-man 2 a 9.5/10 i love this film, and if you disagree that is perfectly fine, we agree to disagree.

Thanks for reading and take care. :) :) :)


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