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With the movie hitting a little less than six months away, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is lining up to become the blockbuster it is destined to be.

Yet if the past weeks have been relatively quite regarding the movie, Heroic Hollywood's Umberto Gonzalez (aka El Mayimbe) broke the scoop regarding the 1 minute long teasers that would be attached to Gotham and Supergirl focused on Batman and Superman, respectively. Then a full fledged trailer should arrive by the last weeks of November, presumably with Michael B. Jordan's Creed, 007's Spectre or The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2.

Now, what Batman v Superman's 3rd trailer should have? These, in my humble opinion, are the following:

A positive opinion of Superman

After Man of Steel's destruction, it is justifiable that some part of the population rejects or is afraid of Superman. There is a side of the story that has been seen on footage, but yet is waiting to have a voice: what about the people that is grateful to Superman? What do they say about him? We have to hear voices that support Superman because the audience is pretty much in the same place.

Those people that reject Superman are a reflection of the audience that reacted negatively to Man of Steel. There was a sector that really enjoyed MoS, like myself, so that part should be heard and shown on this trailer. Enough with the negativity. Someone has to have something nice to say about Superman...

Clark Kent, the journalist

This is something we got a glimpse on Trailer #2, when he talks about The Batman with Perry White. We already saw Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince on their everyday fashion. Now it is time to see Clark doing some journalism. Interviewing some criminals in held Gotham City's police department asking about a certain vigilante that we know of?

"Man of Steel" ended with Kal-El becoming Clark Kent. This movie has to continue on Superman building that persona he created. Snyder might leave this one exclusively for the movie, but we have to see what Clark has become after three years.

Showing the ruthless, 'f*cked up' vigilante Batman has become

This is practically self explanatory, but there are certain things that should be exposed in a Trailer #3, for example, a longer exposure to the Batcave, Wayne Manor, Alfred... There also has to be a showcase of how this Batman is different than Nolan's, in fighting at least. There is a 2 second moment on Trailer #2 with his skills, but this has to be further exposed. We need to see more of that brutality, briefly, but to serve as an introduction to the real thing on the big screen. We already saw the Batman that possibly marked criminals, but that has to be shown in a bigger scale.

More of the titular fight

We previously had the most epic stareoff between Batman and Superman in Trailer #1. We actually have footage, although brief, of the fight on Trailer #2. Now we need to see a bit more of that. Not like they have to spoil all the thing, but show a couple of punches. We need to see that this Superman can be hurt by this Batman, and we need to see that this Superman is going serious at it. On the footage of Trailer #2, Superman is practically waiting on the window for Batman to fall on him. Kryptonite might be involved on that case, but we need to see that the fight is the real deal, especially with the seriousness they are taking it with.

Give us a glimpse of the REAL VILLAIN of the movie

Well, as we should have all guessed by now, Batman and Superman will team up with Wonder Woman to take down a major, terrible, threat. Lex Luthor is the mastermind, but he is not the big bad. This particular point would really blow the surprise that Snyder and Co. are holding back with thier lives, but the real villain has to be shown in some capacity on Trailer #3. Keep it brief, like a super heavy cell container and a bone like hand, maybe...

Show us Scoot McNairy's and Callan Mulvey's characters

We had a brief appereance of McNairy's character on Trailer #2 in the courthouse, but whoever he is playing he must a certain relevance. Some rumours point out that he is playing Clark Kent's pal, Jimmy Olsen. We might have to wait until the movie to have actual confirmation on this, but that doesn't impede him to be on Trailer #3. He can be a positive opinion of Superman after all.

Callan Mulvey can be shown as well. He is rumoured to be Anatoli Knyazev, also known as KGBeast, but here being just a henchman of Lex Luthor. Could he and his team be the cause of the Batmobile's cruise on Trailers #1 and #2? We will see it soon enough.

More Wonder Woman

I could definitely see more of Diana Prince / Wonder Woman on Trailer #3. Maybe showing her voice and gestures, but not too much of action. I would like that some of that remains exclusively on the film.

Final thoughts...

After all the fuzz of Batman appearing on the Man of Steel follow up movie, Snyder commented that this movie focused on Batman a little stronger, especially on the first half of the film. It makes absolute sense hence the introduction of a new character on contrary one that we saw having his own movie on 2013.

Yet, I still hear people complaining of Batman's presence on the film. Some might call it rushing, with additional statements of how lost the DCEU actually is and all that nonesense, but there is actually an interesting reason for Batman being here, and doing what he is going to do: fighting the most powerful being on the planet.

If a Batman can pick up a fight with Superman and actually represent a challenge to a God-like being, then he is a worthy match to the Justice League. Would Batman's presence be necessary in the JL if he somehow could not add something to the group in the first place? By having a Batman vs. Superman fight shows that this Batman means business and probably resourceful, intelligent and strong enough to match up with Justice League level habilites and, more importantly, threats. Batman has to be on par with a Demigod, a metahuman, an Atlantean and a cyborg... and a God like being. This will set Snyder's Batman even further from Bale's.

And while some might say that Batman has always been about of a mere man like us can stand with such formidable and remarkable people, the idea of Nolan's Batman is still fresh on the audiences' head. A refreshing new direction has to be introduced on the character, and Snyder and Affleck have given the character a faithful comicbook adaptation, at least of what have seen.

The wait continues. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits on theaters March 25th, 2016. Thanks for reading!


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