ByKylie Nychole, writer at

There are plenty of horror directors that can continue the Jeepers franchise. How this man was able to serve only 15 months, for not just rumors, but actual video footage of him forcing a 12 year old boy to perform sexual acts on him, among other child pornography, is beyond my thought process. Being attracted to children is not just something that goes away. Just like killing your neighbor's dog and finding you get pleasure from it. It is not something you can just wake up from one day and so "Okay, I no longer have the urge to kill." Same goes for child molesters. It doesn't matter how long ago he committed these acts. He is a sick person. Who knows how many other children he has done this to that just haven't come out about it. Find someone else. Usually the second and third movies suck anyways, I don't see Jeepers 3 being an amazing success. Add a pervert director on top of that and what's even the point of making the film. I loved the first one, but never saw the second and don't intend to watch the third. Especially if they plan on having this guy directing it. But it's Hollywood, what do morals matter anyways?


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