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So anyone who is in the pokemon community has seen the Coro Coro leaks from a couple of weeks ago (unless you live under a rock, in a cave, or likewise), you saw the crazy new forms for the forgotten legendary Pokemon, Zygarde. Before i go too into detail, allow me to give a brief backstory of Zygarde.

Zygarde, 50% power
Zygarde, 50% power

This legendary pokemon completes the trio from the Kalos Region, being Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde. Unlike the other who, who are the main legendaries for X and Y respectively, Zygarde has little lore about him, was found in the post-game world of Kalos, in the deepest level of Terminus Cave. You can only battle it after you beat the game, and save. Little was known about him before this leak, all we knew about it was that it completes the trio of legendaries. There was speculation that it may get a mega evolution, or a primal form as we saw happen in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire with Kyogre and Groudon. When you finally made it to the deepest level of Terminus Cave, you saw Zygarde just sitting there, half in the ground, and when you finally collected the various items around him and saved your game, you were greeted with a battle screen like you'd never seen before. Let's take a look.


See those green and white Hexagons? People originally thought these were simply its scales, or just the pattern of its skin. Now, thanks to Coro Coro, we have a good idea of what they really are.

this is a cell
this is a cell

This belongs to Zygarde. This cute little thing, referred to as Zygarde Cells, by the community, is one of those hexagonal shapes you see in the GIF above, or so we believe. They are what can be called scouts, they travel the world of Pokemon and help Zygarde maintain the balance of the world. (If you did not know, Zygarde is the Order pokemon, Xerneas is the Life pokemon, and Yveltal is the Destruction pokemon), and Zygarde keeps the balance between them. According to the leaks, Zygarde in the form he is in in X and Y, is only at 50% power. Now i'm going to blow your mind. This next photo is a close up picture of the Coro Coro leak.

Look down in the left side near the bottom. See the dog-looking thing? That is Zygarde at 10% power. To its right is Zygarde 50%, the one we all know and love, and the gigantic monstrosity of a pokemon on the right... well, that's Zygarde 100%, Zygarde at its absolute purest form. I can only assume, word on this later, if there is another leak, expect another article from me on it.

I'm sure a lot of you are wondering this by now, 'if Zygarde 50% has a base stat total of 600, and that's HALF of him, won't his 100% base stats be a whopping 1200??'

The answer is no. Most likely not. The highest total stats of a pokemon is Mega Mewtwo-X and Y, with stats of 780. That surpasses Arceus, the GOD of pokemon, by 60 points. If Zygarde 100% has stats of 1200, he would never be beaten. If my battle calculations are correct, the strongest ice-type move in the game (Freeze Shock/Blizzard) would do less than 50% damage WITH A CRITICAL HIT, which does 1.5x the damage, and that's if he even stays his primary typing of Dragon/Ground.

Let's talk about this for a minute, and move away from the battle strategies, considering none of that will be accurate until we learn more.

According to the leak from Coro Coro, there will be a Pokemon Z, (lets be honest, 99% of us were expecting it), and i personally, am insanely hyped for it. Pokemon Y was my first pokemon experience, and i loved Zygarde the moment i accidentally came across his cave while shiny hunting. I had no clue he existed, and i immediately used my master ball on him and put him in my party. The moment i read about the leak my heart leapt, i was waving my arms around like an idiot.. yeah it was not a pretty sight to behold. But fact of the matter is that Pokemon Z is now a thing, and here's the kicker.

This whole thing is being integrated into the Pokemon cartoon (does it classify as an anime anymore?), which is now being called Pokemon XYZ, or something to that effect. In the screen capture of the leak, we can see one of the cells befriending Ash Ketchum and Pikachu. I cant wait to watch the show, and see how they integrate this into the show, as well as the game.


Setting aside the Zygarde hype for a minute, there was something else that was in the leak that I've completely neglected to mention.



What the absolute hell is going on with that Greninja on the left?!?

Why does it have Ash's haircut? Why is it holding a giant blue spikey thing?


WHAAAAATTTT!?!? *head implodes*

Lemme speculate for you. Upon first glance of seeing this Greninja, I did in fact believe that it was a mega greninja, possibly hinting at the 3rd round of mega evolutions in time for pokemon Z. But looking closer, i saw that he has ash's hair, and is holding what looks like a Water Shuriken, which is his static move, meaning that only he learns it by level up (similar to Lugia learning Aeroblast, and Arceus leaning Judgement), which leads me to believe that this Greninja will be an Event pokemon, possibly the first for Pokemon Z, or last for ORAS before Z gets released.

Okay, thats all i have to say about this topic, let me know in the comments below what you think about this!



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