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After facing numerous issues trying to get his movie to the fans, Eli Roth hit it out of the park with his newest release. The Green Inferno isn't your dad's horror movie by any means. Honestly, I don't even know if this work of art is considered a horror flick; However it most definitely is a piece of art.

The movie is centered around a group of student activists that travel to the amazon on a mission to stop the destruction of a rainforest and save the lives of the tribe living there. Just as the tagline of the film states, "No good deed goes unpunished."

Numerous reviewers have chastised The Green Inferno for "poor acting" and being a "Cannibal Holocaust ripoff" but I couldn't disagree more. The charm of The Green Inferno is exactly that and this is completely missed by most people. Eli Roth's film is heavily inspired by Cannibal Holocaust and other films of the era. Questionable line delivery and overcompensated head movements give this flick the charm it needs to become a cult classic.

While the gore in The Green Inferno was incredible, due in part to the master of makeup Greg Nicotero, I personally found it lacking. My only true complaint about the film was that I felt it could have used some additional gory scenes and focused longer on some of the more jarring content. With that being said, every element of death and despair in this movie was well done and incredibly convincing.

Below I've linked to my youtube review, I was on a 0-5 scale for my video thus doubling it for this review. I mention early on that I may dive into spoilers but I can promise you this video is SPOILER-FREE! The Green Inferno movie trailer can also be seen towards the end of this video.

I hope you enjoyed my review and go see the soon to be cult classic The Green Inferno the first chance you get! I also encourage you to discuss what you thought of the movie or what you're hoping from it in the comments section below. Until next time, Stay hungry!


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