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Gotham on Fox is a breath of fresh writing in the comic world. If you haven't seen this show, you should.

This season so far proves to be an exhilarating ride. Two points in tonight's blog I want to point out. Lucius Fox and, lets call him the "Joker." First, and this is no specific order, we get to see Lucius Fox reintroduced to Gotham, call him the new ally. The role given to Mr. Morgan Freeman, with the voice made of down feathers, made this role popular in the trilogy with Christian Bale. It is good to see young master Bruce Wayne with a new friend. In this series, it is focused on the relationship that Alfred has with Bruce in a fatherly role. Other than Selena Kyle he hasn't been able to make many friends yet. (On another note, it would be a great creative turn to see him run into a much younger Robin.) Selena has been a good ally but with her aligned with the penguin it may be a good time for Bruce to keep his distance. So at this time Fox could turn into not just another mentor but a teacher as Bruce turns out to be the best detective in the world (as we all know), a scientist to help him with his homework wouldn't be bad since Bruce is one of the most clever characters in the DC universe. Long story short, its nice to see Bruce take on two teachers and mentors, Fox a sharper mind and Alfred for a warrior mentality, seems as though both worlds will come together.

The second of whom we hope either ends as the Joker or maybe a mentor to the Joker, which either way would be a great twist since no one wants to admit he is such a character. Anyway, let me just say the performance turned in by Cameron Monaghan is spot on. I like it much better than, what I am afraid is going to be a spotty performance by Jared Leto in the new suicide squad. He does make this season worth tuning in to. His laugh is intoxicating and I venture to say one of the better Joker characters we have seen ion the screen big or otherwise. The way they wrote him into the new Maniax team as the leader, well if I could slow clap here would. Having him...... no spoilers on this one just watch it.

In conclusion, Gotham is great tv, I don't watch a lot of detective dramas but as far as bringing together two great genres of tv you cannot go wrong. Oh and bringing back Bullock thank you, he is more likable in this series than I think he was ever meant to be in the Batman series and a good complement to challenge Jim Gordon each step of the way.

Gotham season 2 begins this month on FOX.


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