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I don't have much to say, other than the fact that I wouldn't have the opportunity to meet such great people if it weren't for Moviepilot.

Goddard "Beast Master"
Goddard "Beast Master"

Today I found myself with a new Twitter follower named Daniel Goddard. I, at first was curious.. Because in recent days most followers are "Scammy" and are normally about some weird stuff like porn, or trying to expedite thousands of followers.

But when the day comes that someone follows you, and that little blue check mark comes along, which is very rare, you have to get excited as a newbie blogger.

So naturally as a Moviepilot Creator and a person who is curious about celebs, I looked him up.. Found out Goddard is not in my typical movie genera, but in fact, he is a soap actor on Young & The Restless. And has been in other movies such as:

2001 South Pacific (uncredited) TV film
2003 Dream Warrior Rage
2004 Wild Card Nigel Episode: "Auntie Venom"
2004 Monk Evan Corker Episode: "Mr. Monk and the Captain's Wife"
2005 Age of Kali
2006 Lightspeed Python / Edward Bartlett TV film
2007 These Boots Are Made for Walken Bennie Brenner Short film
2007–present The Young and the Restless Cane Ashby Main role (548 episodes)
2009 The Perfect Sleep Sergei
2009 Immortally Yours Alex Stone


But here's were it gets awesome. I decided to message him and tell him about how my Mom has been a Young and the Restless fan since ever... (1970) true stuff, and guess what.. He messaged me back.

Proof!  Thank You Moviepilot
Proof! Thank You Moviepilot

You see what I mean! That never happens. (My Mom is beautiful BTW) I already know. But I just want all us Creators to remember that we have this power via Moviepilot. I know there are some of you out there that have experienced this and much more. But there are many of you that haven't been able to see the benefits of being a part of this family of social media friends. These kinds of things are possible.

D. Goddard 'Beast Master'
D. Goddard 'Beast Master'

Like I said earlier, I had never heard of Daniel Goddard, yet he is a fan of my personal blog and took the time to say hi to myself and my Mother. My response to him was. I will reciprocate the love on Moviepilot and I'm sure we will repost to the world and our followers.

Oh, and just FYI D. Goddard has this going on:

Daniel Goddard
Daniel Goddard

Send him our love friends!

Thanks for reading friends. Please follow below!


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