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I have something of a weakness for cult films. The weirder the better, and if there are awful elements of B-movie horror and a killer soundtrack, even better!

My face watching cult classics...
My face watching cult classics...

I have a deep-seated love of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a weakness for Zombie Strippers, a respect for cult zombie classics like Re-Animator, Evil Dead and Dead Alive, and an entry on my bucket list courtesy of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Choosing just one cult film to recommend is like asking me which of my cats I love more. However, there is one film that is a relatively recent movie sure to achieve cult classic status (if it isn't already there), that I have just a little extra love for at this time of year.

Repo: The Genetic Opera

Repo: The Genetic Opera is the tale of a young girl in a dystopian future where flesh and bone are commodities and a drug called Zydrate (made from dead bodies, btw) is all the rage. A particularity creepy family battling for power over each other, an insanely protective father/assassin, a blind opera singer, and a genetic mystery make up the rest of this gloriously gothic tale.

As if that wasn't enough, it's also almost entirely in song. There are the odd few lines of straight dialogue, but the vast majority is sung, Disney-on-drugs style. Then throw in some parts of the story told via comic book panels, just for good measure.

Finally, Repo features some incredible acting choices. Paul Sorvino and Anthony Stewart-Head are phenomenal, not least because of their powerful voices. Paris Hilton, on the other hand, has the acting ability of a station wagon, but there's something bizarrely fascinating about watching her try.

Repo: The Genetic Opera is a dark, twisted, and captivating flick; a must watch for fans of the bizarre.


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