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While I try and steer clear of the most obvious choices for these challenges, there are times where not including them would be downright criminal. For today's , a TV show that ended before its time, I can give only one answer.


The stuff of geek-legend, Firefly is a simple story at it's core; an intrepid spaceship crew who journey the outer reaches of the galaxy picking up various jobs and getting into all kinds of (often ridiculous) adventures. It's an outer-space Western, and the cast and crew include nerd icons Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau, Morena Baccarin and Alan Tudyk. It's also perfect, hilarious, feminist, action-packed, and should have stayed on the air for a decade.

The story of Firefly's ridiculous treatment at the hands of FOX are legend. Aired out of order, missed episodes, and a cancellation after only one season, it's no wonder that fans are still mourning the early end of this incredible show.

In fact, the story of the intrepid crew of Serenity was so popular despite its manhandling that it spawned a follow-up film (Serenity), an ongoing comic book series, and a devoted fanbase. There is even a documentary, Done The Impossible, about the passion and determination of the fans. There can be no argument that this was a show that deserved so much more than it got.

Despite the fact that the series is long dead and buried (in terms of live-action, anyway), diehard Browncoats still harbor a hope that one day, the crew of Serenity could re-appear on screen, and make all of our dreams come true.


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