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As Kim Kardashian's prominent baby bump continues to grow, so does our excitement to welcome the next in line for the Kimye crown into the world.

With already 6 months behind her, it appears that the baby due date is looming closer and closer - and in fact, the significant event has been quite aptly moved forward to perhaps the most significant day in the Christian calendar - December 25 a.k.a the birth of Jesus.

And while due dates are not always set in stone, doctors are adamant that Christmas Day is the likely date that Kim should be preparing to pop one out. And unfortunately, the reason behind this isn't a totally happy one. Apparently, the mother-of-one has placenta accrete, a serious pregnancy condition where the placenta grows too deeply in the uterus, which could pose a danger to the baby.

What else do we know about the birth?

In addition to an earlier due date, it's reported that while Kim is planning on a natural birth, to maintain the safety of both mother and child, a C-section is also in the cards if the star doesn't give birth beforehand.

Sources have also revealed that Kim and Kanye have already booked out the Deluxe Maternity Suite at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. Notoriously, Kimye took over one entire floor of the hospital back in 2013 when little North West was born.

This time though, it's unclear if they are willing to go all out on the luxurious birthing facilities like before. But naturally this isn't out of the question because as we all know, only the very best facilities will do for our Kimmy K.

And if you're wondering what kind of extra comfort amenities Kimye are willing to fork out a pretty penny for, get this - for approximately $4,000 a day, Kim will have the wonderful privilege of having access to:

  • A four-poster king sized bed
  • Remote controlled sound system with in-wall speakers
  • 110-gallon Jacuzzi bathtub in a private bathroom
  • An onsite health club
  • Polished wood flooring
  • Stocked kitchenette
  • Gourmet food services
  • Spa-style robes
  • Flat screen TV and wifi

And the best part is that the Deluxe Maternity Suite comes with a full spectrum in-room salon services, just in case mom-to-be Kim decides to take a relaxing break from hard-core labor with a quick blow-dry or a luxurious mani-pedi. But, if you're familiar with the birthing process, it all seems highly unlikely, even if it's nonetheless desired.



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