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It's been all but officially confirmed, but it sort of looks as if Hugh Jackman's last time spent popping out Wolverine's adamantium claws will be an adaptation of Mark Millar & Steve McNiven's gloriously brutal Old Man Logan, which would be the perfect send off for the luxuriously sideburned badass.

Despite the fact that the movie won't be a faithful adaptation of the source material due to Marvel Studios' ownership of the story's main characters, Mark Millar recently dismissed the fears of that being a problem by stating OML could work just as well as an X-Men only affair!

Which possibly couldn't be any further away from being a bad thing!

Old Man Jackman

So with that in mind, how would Hugh Jackman look as an older version of himself? Just like the famous character he portrays, the multitalented actor seems to not age a second.

See what I mean?!
See what I mean?!

Well, that's where Bosslogic comes into action once again, as he and the guys over at Comic Book have come together to create a mock up of what they think The Wolverine 3's one-sheet will look like.

Check it out:

"I can't remember what I came upstairs for, bub"
"I can't remember what I came upstairs for, bub"

All right so Bosslogic has managed to make Wolverine look 10 times more terrifying than he usually does. I wouldn't want to encounter this guy down a dark alley. Well, any alley for that matter!

The fan art awesomeness doesn't stop there, as there are some other brilliant examples of how great an OML adaptation would be with Jackman at the helm, or another very special and perfect star...

Old Man Logan Movie Poster

by Draw4u

Wolverine: Old Man Logan

by Majinlordx

Eastwood & Jackman - Old Man Logan

What did you make of these?

(Source: Comic Book)


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