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Anne Hathaway's name has drifted up to the highest heights as one of the rumored favorites to play the iconic British nanny in a new live-action Mary Poppins, but the 32-year-old Oscar winner isn't so sure she has the required elocution for the job.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hathaway said the she thinks her main competitor, Emily Blunt, will probably nab the role because she has somewhat of a head start in the accent department, she said:

"Well, I feel like she's [Emily Blunt] going to get it, she's British."

Although Hathaway doesn't think she will be holding the iconic umbrella any time soon, her The Intern co-star, Robert De Niro, thinks that she is totally supercalifragilisticexpialidocious for the role. Check him out singing her praises in the video below:

There might not have been any official announcements just yet, but it's not just Hathaway who thinks that Emily Blunt would be the perfect candidate to slip into Mary Poppins' starched collars, she is reportedly Disney's favorite candidate for the role, too. The decision isn't cut and dried just yet though, a Disney insider told The Express that:

"They are both terrific actresses who would be perfect for the part. It will be a hard choice."


Who would you like to see as Mary Poppins?

(Source: via Entertainment Tonight and The Express)


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