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(Warning - if you haven't yet seen Man of Steel, then the following is pretty SPOILER-rich, with only a few minor, indirect plot rumors relating to Batman v Superman to be found...)

So far as online rumor mills go, there aren't too many that have been busier over the past year than that built up around Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Whether it's speculation about potential Robins, forensic examination of the first full trailer, or even elaborate extrapolation from key creative's social media posts, we've all been decidedly determined to work out exactly what is - and isn't - going on with the movie.

As it turns out, though, there might just be something pretty darned important that we completely failed to factor in. Specifically:

It Seems as Though Michael 'Zod' Shannon Has Been Keeping a Pretty Huge Secret from Us This Whole Time

The strangest thing about that, though? It isn't the kind of secret you'd think - or, at least, that isn't the impression that Shannon gave in a recent interview.

Despite having seemingly revealed back in August that he might just have a larger, flipper-donning role in Batman v Superman than we were expecting - what with how Man of Steel ended for Zod - it sounds as though Shannon may well have been keeping one very important thing to himself the whole time.

That secret?

He Was Lying to Us All Along

Yup. That's right. As Shannon told ScreenRant, after being asked about those flippers:

"Flippers? I think that might be a prime example of my scatological humor. People ask me a lot about Batman v Superman and I really don’t have anything to say about it, so sometimes I just make up stuff, which I’m sure Warner Bros. is really happy about."

Which, if true, suggests that we probably shouldn't believe a word Shannon says when it comes to DC Cinematic Universe related news - and since he followed it up by saying that, during the course of the movie...

"I run for president"

...that might be a fairly safe bet.

Is That All a Double Bluff, Though?

After all, with Shannon seemingly having given up a juicy plot detail last month, it's entirely possible that he's since been carefully tutored by Warner Bros. in just how to not give out any more information unprompted, which in his case might well involve a carefully constructed double bluff that implies he was lying about the initial reveal.

Take a look at the original interview below, and you can probably see what I'm getting at (as well as enjoying Shannon's inimitable voice):

It does, it seems, sure come across as though Shannon is deeply uncomfortable about the line of questioning, and actively trying to avoid saying anything overly revealing...

The big question, though?

What do you think?

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