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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Adnan Ali is an artist who has been causing waves on the web with his intensely muscular and badass interpretations of pop culture heroes and villains. I can't help but admire his work, and how he manages to capture the essences of his subject matter in his outrageous tableaus.

Gritty, dark and all around awesome, get ready for Terry McGinnis' Batman, TMNT's Raphael, Superman and Hellboy, amongst others, as you've never seen them before:

1. Spawn

2. Wolverine

3. Batman Beyond

4. Savage Hulk

5. Raphael

6. Hellboy

7. Nightwing

8. John Constantine

9. Cyclops

10. Superman Beyond

11. Spider-Man

What did you make of these?

If you liked what you saw, make sure to get over to Ali's Facebook and Art Station pages to check out more of his awesome work!

(Source: Art Station)


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