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By its very nature, Kingdom Hearts is a nostalgic franchise. It channels the DisneyDisney movies of two centuries, its rampant with the messages of love and friendship that our younger years nurtured, and you'll even find that its music is inherently nostalgic. Yoko Shimomura has created some of the most beautiful themes in the gaming world. But there's a deeper genius to the music than simple aural pleasure.

Nostalgia is defined as "pleasure and sadness that is caused from remembering something in the past and wishing that you could experience it again." Shimomura incorporates this into her music. Take a look at Dearly Beloved for example, which utilises a major sonority in the first half of its phrase, which connotes happiness to a Western audience, followed by the relative minor of that chord which elicits a sense of melancholia. And then what does she do?

This Kingdom hearts Music Video Will Make You Pine For the Release Date of Kingdom Hearts 3!

She repeats it, for like, forever! This constant pairing of happiness and melancholia naturally creates the sensations most often associated with nostalgia. AMAZING! This is naturally why so many of us are looking forward to Kingdom Hearts 3 and how it will expand on the legacy of the series. Extra nostalgia for the rest of our lives. This whole thought process naturally came to mind following the release of this fantastic new video from Smooth McGroove! This man is...well....smooth. He's created a whole series of videos in which he covers video game themes, but entirely acapella! His latest video has touched on the Kingdom Hearts series once more with the awesome theme that we're all familiar with; Traverse Town.

Now if that's not nostalgic, then I don't know what is! Be sure to check out some of the man's other videos, he's covered some seriously great tunes. Seriously, this song is making the wait for the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date more and more arduous.

If you have any other videos of the music for Kingdom Hearts that you'd love to share then stick them in the comments! You can never have enough of Yoko Shimomura's music in one day. For more on Kingdom Hearts 3 and its potential 2017 release date, head on over here.


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