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Just when you thought that finally the fiasco was over and that people were finally done nattering on about it, 'The Dress' has resurfaced.

Yes, THAT dress. The viral phenomenon that everyone lost their minds over earlier in February, trying to decide whether it was blue-or-black or white-and-gold.

Alas, when the above image hit the social media waves, it seemed that the entire world sprung to action, dividing itself into two aggressive camps adamant that the color they were seeing was indeed the right one. The conflict led to brutal office outrage, the loss of friendships, and the breakdown of long-term relationships, even (quite possibly) amounting to murder!

And no matter how annoying the viral phenomenon may have been (it was proven to be officially blue-and-black, just so you know), never before has an item of clothing split the online community more!

But don't worry, the purpose of this article is not to flare up a new civil war, but to inform you that since the dispute was scientifically debunked with explanations of camera light exposure and human eye color identification, 'The Dress' has now been brought back to life as a Halloween costume.

Yep, you can now buy the split color garment from US online retailer and keep everyone happy at your Halloween party, or start the debate all over again. The choice is yours for a mere $46.95.

Alternatively, has a great selection of other bizarre-but-strangely-genius costumes you could consider, such as:

1. The Orange Wedge

Because nothing is more sexy than a tangy citrus flavor.

2. The Hot Hamburger

It's practically good enough to eat!

3. The Cecil the Lion

To show your undying support for all wildlife. Very on-trend.

4. The Sexy Shark

For the man-eater in you.

5. The Mushroom Babe Romper

Ready to assist the princess.



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