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This post features my third entry for the [5 Day GIF Challenge](tag:3566047). If you'd like to join the conversation, check out the challenge details at the bottom of this post!

For my second entry this week I'm going to revisit a very specific, poignant memory from my childhood - the day I saw my first R-rated movie.

Star Ship Troopers: My First R-rated Film

This article is based on true events.
This article is based on true events.

Perhaps even better than actually watching my first R-rated film was the hype leading up to it. I felt like I was crossing a whole new threshold into adulthood. For me, it was just as big a milestone as getting a drivers license.

I think I was about 11 or 12 years old when all of this happened, maybe even a little younger. I kept begging and begging my mom to let me watch 'her' movies with her, I think she finally let me just to shut me up.

I'm not going to lie I was a bit nervous, I just didn't know what to expect! I had to hype myself up a bit but around seven or eight o'clock, I was ready.

30 minutes in, so far so good.

60 minutes in and I'm still going strong. But then, things start to get a bit crazy.

I'm not going to spoil any of the film for you, but there's this one scene where one of the troopers is forced to put his hand up against a metal fence...

THEN, one of his commanders throws a knife that sticks him right through the palm of his hand.

It might not seem like a very big deal now, but at the time that scene completely freaked me out.

I toughed it out though. And after surviving the film I was completely obsessed, I just had to have more.

I think after that night I bugged my mom every day, asking to watch any other R movies she had in her stash.

I like to think that this experience is the reason I developed an early appreciation for the strange, the morbid and the horrific. So thank you mom, and thank you Starship Troopers.

This time around I would like to nominate Thomas Marsula, Aayush Gupta , Adonis Gonzalez and Benjamin Bergman!

5 Day GIF Challenge:

For each day, use one of the scenarios bellow and tell us a story (real or fictional) using GIFs and/or memes. Remember, these categories are just for inspiration. Feel free to get creative and come up with your own scenarios if you like!

  • An awkward family film viewing
  • A date that didn't go well OR exceeded expectations
  • Watching an emotional film :'-(
  • Watching your first Rated-R film
  • A horror flick that you were NOT ready for and/or haunted you for days after
  • When you have high expectations for a film and it flops
  • Binge watching a TV series when you KNOW you should go to sleep
  • Watching a film and everyone else around you is on their phones/being obnoxious
  • That moment when you DIDN'T see the plot twist coming
  • Watching a film that's got you laughing uncontrollably

Share your stories and use the [5 Day GIF Challenge](tag:3566047) tag, then nominate any members of the Moviepilot community who you'd like to see carry the torch. Should you have any questions, feel free to comment or contact me at [email protected].



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