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Hmm - this is a tough one...

Gears of War 3


Gears of War was the first game that came to mind. I have only ever played Gears of War 3, and I find it's addictive. It's even fun to watch. The anticipation as it counts down to battle, the scenery, playing alongside other players - I love everything about this game!


I don't tend to play a lot of multiplayer games, so that's why I find the second day of my challenge pretty tough! But there's another game that comes to mind when I think of best multiplayer games - it was a PS1 game I played as a kid with my sisters and we had hours of fun on it.

Tom and Jerry - an awesome PS1 game

One of my favourite childhood games!
One of my favourite childhood games!

Tom and Jerry! I always used to be terrified of being caught when I was in the same room as Tom, or knew he was close! I wonder if I still have this game - I hope so, it was the best!

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