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Arm yourself, because we're about to get a whole lot more zombies, and this time they're taking over your web browsers! AMC's Walking Dead universe is about to get even bigger as details for the plane-based web series, titled Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 have been confirmed.

As we reported earlier, the new series, which will unfold in 16 chapters, will show on as well as during the commercial breaks for The Walking Dead's on-air telecasts. EW has reported today that each 'episode' of the series will clock in "at under a minute," and will debut on on October 4th, the same day as the finale for Fear the Walking Dead Season 1.

A plane was shown in episode 3 of Fear
A plane was shown in episode 3 of Fear

Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462, "will tell the story of a commercial flight in the early goings of the outbreak as a passenger is discovered to be infected." Or basically, zombies on a plane.

The series is being produced by Fear The Walking Dead's Dave Erickson and David Wiener, written by Fear's L. Signorino and Mike Zunic, and will also be directed by Fear's director of photography, Michael McDonough. As you may have guessed, will all of those ties to Fear the Walking Dead, the web series will have some crossover -- one of the surviving passengers from the web series will join the cast of Fear the Walking Dead for Season 2.

The season finale of Fear the Walking Dead will air on October 4th on AMC

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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