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It's nearly October, and that means it's time to re-watch an endless stream of horror flicks, from Saw to The Nightmare Before Christmas. The theaters even have a few new scream-filled films coming up, including Goosebumps and Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension. However, there is one film coming out in the upcoming month that leaves the rest in the dust: Crimson Peak.

5. It Has A Brilliant Director!

If you've ever heard the name Guillermo del Toro, you probably know that the name goes hand in hand with greatness. He was the mind behind the amazing fantasy film Pan's Labyrinth as well as both of the Hellboy films. He recently directed Pacific Rim, and he has contributed to the screenplays of The Hobbit trilogy. Needless to say, del Toro has quite the cinematic resume.

If you've seen Pan's Labyrinth, you know that del Toro is fully capable of some truly terrifying visuals. Remember that monster that had it's eyeballs in the palms of it's hands? I couldn't sleep for a week after that movie without picturing that horrific creature. And Pan's Labyrinth wasn't even meant to be a horror movie. With a film like Crimson Peak, just think of the pure terror he will make us all feel when we're sitting in that theater.

4. It Has A Memorable Cast!

Face it, everyone loves Loki. In fact, when you say the name Tom Hiddleston, the mind usually goes straight to the Asgardian trickster himself. This time we will get to see Hiddleston in a new light, as the mysterious Sir Thomas Sharpe.

The film also features performances from two fantastic actresses: Mia Wasikowska and Jessica Chastain. You might know Wasikowska as Alice from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland or Bertha Minnix from Lawless, where she acted alongside Chastain. Jessica Chastain has appeared in some major roles in Interstellar, The Help, and Zero Dark Thirty. Both actresses are magnificent, and I'm looking forward to their on-screen chemistry with Hiddleston.

3. The Script Scared Hiddleston!

To make this clear, this wasn't the kind of script that went through a few edits. Del Toro wrote at least 11 different versions of the script before he finally decided on the one that we'll see in theaters. That just goes to show that the director really put his heart and soul into this project. He kept going until he reached his best work, which I'm truly excited to see on the big screen.

It might be difficult for me to convey how good this script is without actually seeing the movie, but think of it this way. In an interview, Jessica Chastain claimed that Tom Hiddleston found the script "incredibly frightening" when he first read it. It it's good enough to scare Loki, then we are in for a treat.

2. Cumberbatch Was Almost The Lead!

We've seen Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game, and we've seen him in Sherlock, which both really show off his acting prowess. In fact, it seems that every time Cumberbatch attaches himself to a project, it becomes incredibly successful. There are some people out there who aren't the biggest fans of The Hobbit movies or Star Trek: Into Darkness, but Cumberbatch was positively exquisite in those films. Not to mention they did very well at the box office.

Cumberbatch was originally cast as the lead for Crimson Peak as well, though unfortunately enough, he had to leave the project for undisclosed reasons. Though one can suspect his schedule is a bit busy with Sherlock and Doctor Strange coming up. When Cumberbatch left, Hiddleston took the role instead. Cumberbatch was asked about the casting decision, as he is good friends with Hiddleston, and he stated that it was amazing to have been replaced by him.

That's right folks, Crimson Peak has the Benedict Cumberbatch stamp of approval.

1. This Trailer!

[ embed not supported ]

If that didn't get your heart pumping, I don't know what will. That trailer is just a taste of what the movie has in store for us, and I'm already frightened.

Prepare to be scared, because Crimson Peak is coming to theaters near you on October 16th!


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