BySteven Adcock, writer at

I'm excited about [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) as I believe it will allow me to share the Star Wars magic first hand with my two boys aged 10 and 8. Sure they like the Star Wars universe. But this will (hopefully) be that wow moment that I can share with them in the theatre, just like I did with my brother in 1977.

I've never forgotten that moment from the opening shot of the rebel ship being chased by the "enormous" star destroyer! I truly hope that the opening shot can do the same for my boys!

In an age of unnecessary reboots, an extension to the Star Wars universe is welcome. I liked what Abrams did with Star Trek and I'm sure he will bring order to the force after the flawed instalments that were episodes 1-3.

So the wait is nearly over and the publicity machine will start cranking up! But believe me I don't need any incentive to be at the earliest showing I can get to. I just hope my brother doesn't spoil it by getting all the laughs by exclaiming "it's a big telly!" When the curtains opened in 1977! He was only 4, so the gag might not work so well all these years later!

So until December. "May the force be with you!"


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