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If you haven't seen the trailer for Arrow Season 4 yet - you're welcome:

For a short trailer there's actually a lot of information in it, let's recap:

  • Time-Skip: Oliver gets some time to be happy with Felicity, until Season 4 opens at some point in the future in suburbia with Oliver's marriage proposal being interrupted by Laurel and Thea. They need his help.
  • Back to Starli - wait, what?: That's right - Starling City has now been renamed Star City in memorandum of Ray Palmer's supposed death. Star City is the home of Green Arrow in the DC comics, so it ties up with the idea that this is Oliver Queen achieving genesis as Green Arrow. Nice.
  • New Suit: This is a much closer approximation to the Green Arrow suit worn by Oliver in the comics, with the sleeveless arms. (Diggle's new helmet sucks though, sorry).
  • Damien Darhk has superpowers?: In the trailer we see Damien Darhk stop one of Oliver's arrows with some kind of psychokinesis. What the hey?
  • Officially Green Arrow!: Damien Darhk said the words! It's official! We have our Green Arrow! Now get working on that facial hair Oliver.
  • Another new threat!: Now, we've known for ages that Damien Darhk was going to be our Big Bad for Season 4, but the trailer threw another classic comic book villain into the mix in the form of Anarky...


The New 52 Anarky
The New 52 Anarky

Anarky's been around since the late 80's in the comic books, primarily appearing as an antagonist of Batman. As an alias he's been embodied by many different characters and the version we'll be seeing in Arrow Season 4 will be Lonnie Machin - his first iteration.

In the comics Machin was a genius child who grew interested in radical philosophy. He was only 12-years old when he started his campaign to overthrow the government in an attempt to improve social conditions, as such he's become symbolic of socio-political and philosophical themes in the Batman comics. His design is based heavily on the central anarchist character in V for Vendettawith Anarky wearing a mask similar to the famous Guy Fawkes one worn by V.

Due to his young age and lack of superpowers, Anarky relied mainly on gadgets and inventions alongside his high intelligence, namely flare guns, throwing stars, explosives, gas and smoke bombs and an electric stun baton that he always carried with him. He has also been said to be extremely proficient with computers with hacking skills. He was later developed to be a master of engineering, computer technology and martial arts.

The Arrow Anarky

This will be the first time Anarky has appeared in a live action feature, and he'll be portrayed by Alexander Calvert. He's obviously older here, Calvert is 25 so it's safe to say that this iteration of Lonnie Machin will be in his early-to-mid twenties.

"I'm not sure what that symbol means." One of cops comment in the trailer. "It means anarchy." Quentin Lance says grimly as we get the first look at Anarky's tag. We didn't see a whole lot of him in the trailer, just the shot of the anarchy graffiti, but the Arrow Season 4 sneak peek with Executive Producer Wendy Mericle told us a lot more about his character and gave us our first proper look at him:

"He's going to be a lot like Damien [Darhk] in that he's also very sociopathic, but we're gonna get the opportunity to really get to see the birth of a villain. We're going to really see what happens; why does Lonnie Machin become Anarky, what happens to him?"

So we'll get to trace the origins of the new villain, which is always interesting to see and gives the writers the opportunity to set him up in relation to Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow. In fact, Mericle hinted that it's going to be the fault of our heroes that Machin goes down the path towards becoming Anarky in the first place:

"The cool thing about it is, we're going to set it up so that it really is Oliver and, to some extent, Thea's fault that Lonnie Machin goes the direction that he goes. And Lonnie will also blame Damien for a lot of what happens to him, so he's actually going to be an interesting character in that he's opposed to both our big bad and to our hero."

Anarky appears with Darhk in the sneak peek footage so it's safe to assume that they were either allied or otherwise involved at some point, perhaps Anarky was betrayed by Darhk? They seem like they'll be characters of opposing ideologies, so it'll be very interesting to see how they play off each other whilst trying to fend off Oliver as he becomes the fully-fledged Green Arrow. Can't wait.

Episode 1 of Arrow Season 4, "Green Arrow" premieres October 7, 2015 on the CW. What do you want to see from the new season? Tell us in the comments below!


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