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Varia Fedko-Blake

You can't deny that the Harry Potter fandom is strong on Tumblr. After all, it's the absolute perfect platform for all wizarding fans to come together and keep the Hogwarts magic alive by sharing some of the most creative content ever.

So, in celebration of this, here are 9 times that Tumblr raised some seriously essential questions about our favorite wizarding world:

1. This totally on point Harry Potter summary

So glad that finally, all was well with the 'thing.'

2. This French translation madness

Tom Elvis doesn't quite sounds as terrifying does it?

3. Harry's own embarrassing stupidity

Admittedly, Harry could be pretty dumb sometimes.

4. The books from Draco Malfoy & Neville Longbottom's point of view

5. Dumbledore's fundamentally flawed logic

Get out Dumbledore. Just get out.

6. It's not Neville's fault he was so bad at magic at first

7. Apparently, James Potter & his pals were cleverer than Death itself

8. Think twice before hoping for another Harry Potter book

Absolutely no point, is there?

9. And finally... when Fred and George grew old together




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