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James Wood

An improvement over the first film, Revenge Of The Fallen is the definition of mindless and bombastic. Michael Bay had to deal with the writer's strike midway through production, you can tell the quality drops midway through the film. However, after the success of the first movie Bay knew he had his audience, and now he can dish out the pyrotechnics and visual excess. For critics and viewers this was a pile up of bone crunching destruction and mind numbing slush, but if you're like me, easily impressed, and a big action junkie, Transformers 2 is like the ultimate carnage-fest despite the frequent narrative clunks.

If I attempted to explain the story it would be short and useless just like the story itself: Sam finds a piece of the cube, it imprints images into his mind which the Decepticons want so they can locate Optimus' location and take him out so the Fallen can destroy the sun and harvest Energon. The thin story jumps from location to location and never stays still, it's a blatant attempt to keep the pace going but never actually taking the story along with it, the geography is a mess. The humour in this one still works, especially John Turturro who is genuinely funny, as is Ramon Rodriguez playing Sam's over the top college roommate who tags along for the ride. Not forgetting Kevin Dunn and Julie White as Sam's quirky parents. Isabel Lucas makes a short but sexy turn as a Decepticon in human disguise, and Megan Fox is more involved and better this time, she didn't deserve the Razzie awards she got nominated, neither did Julie White.

The real mess rears it's ugly head when Sam, Mikaela, Simmons and Leo find Jetfire. The amount of bad dialogue placed against the backdrop of farting Transformers, random explosives, noisy effects and location jumping really pulls you out of it, and the scenes in Jordan see an overload of character appearances from Mudflap and Skids who hit each other and shout, the focus here is out the window and the irony here is amazing: Hearing John Turturro literally shout out instructions on how to construct a story is really sly and cheeky.

Not all is lost though, as the last act features a spectacular forty minute special effects ridden explosive bonanza, it is a literal mega-bomb of enormous explosions, flying sparks, crashing helicopters, tanks and military warfare galore and robots punching the living daylights out of one another, followed by the Devastator which is essentially a hoover transformer that just has to be seen on the big screen alongside surround sound, Blu-Ray owners will get a kick out of this madness. The action shots are some of Bay's best, the explosions are absolutely jaw droopingly insane and watching Sam and Mikaela leap off exploding rooftops and military planes dropping a payload of explosives lit up my TV and ripped my speakers to shreds with style, it is an awe-inspiring battle and a mighty finale. I enjoyed this film, it's just pure chaos.


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