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Comedy shows are often bittersweet and while a lot of humor is derived from tragedy, some of the more harrowing moments in our favorite characters' lives are never turned into a punch line.

Seeing these normally jovial characters face death, abandonment and last goodbyes is a sure fire shortcut right to the feels and below are 9 comedy moments that have taken me from extreme joy to deep sadness.

9. Will's Dad Lets Him Down for the Last Time - Fresh Prince of Bel Air

When Will's dad comes back to pay his estranged son a visit Uncle Phil is worried that his surrogate son will get burned again. Unfortunately, papa Will is still a deadbeat and all of the feelings of abandonment resurge in the normally cheerful character, leading to a powerfully emotive scene.

If the hug at the end when Will and Uncle Phil suddenly realize how the bond they have is way more important than anything Will feels for his real father doesn't get you, nothing will.

8. Man's Best Friend Proves His Loyalty - Futurama

Futurama is adept at smashing you right in the delicate feels when you're least expecting it and the episode named 'Jurassic Bark' is no exception.

The way Seymour was so close to achieving his dying wish of seeing his owner again (well, kind of) before Fry himself decides against it is a real tearjerker, especially when the loyal hound lays down and closes his eyes for the final time.

7. When Life Gets in the Way - Friends

Although Friends was merciful enough to end the series with all of the characters achieving some monumental life goals and growing as people, it was still a bittersweet reminder of how life changes as we go through various stages of adulthood.

They might always be there for each other, but after so many years sharing apartments the gang are all ready to make new commitments and when you see those keys laying on the table, it's pretty poignant.

6. George Reaches the End of the Road - Scrubs

I'm still not entirely sure that Scrubs is meant to be a comedy show due to the way that the series repeatedly tears you an emotional new one, and George's death is one of those killer moments.

The line "You guys will still be there when I wake up, right?" will probably make you feel like you have something in your eye...

5. Marshall's Dad Dies - How I Met Your Mother

When it came time to perform the scene, Jason Segal wanted to feel Marshall’s shock in the realest way possible, so he chose not to read Lily’s dialogue beforehand and the acting is so genuine in this clip, it definitely seemed to work.

4. The Last Hurrah - Blackadder Goes Forth

As the Blackadder gang receive news that they must go over the top to their inevitable deaths, their comic bravado dissolves into a devastating portrait of the realities of war.

The men try to retain their tough fronts for a while, they can't help but reveal their fear and the desperate optimism that floods through the troops before the final push is truly upsetting. Not to mention the scene where their futile charge fades into a scene of poppies, the British symbol for the fallen war dead.

3. Big Bird Learns About Death - Sesame Street

When the actor who played Mr. Hooper (Will Lee) on Sesame Street died in real life, the show runners decided to use it as an opportunity to teach children about death.

A child psychologist helped to write the scene in a way that would help kids to understand the finality of death head on, instead of sweeping it under the rug and trying to shelter them from it, and it's suitably tear jerking.

2. Homer Gets Abandoned Again -The Simpsons

The Simpsons is a highly emotional show with plenty of episodes that tug at the heartstrings (RIP Bleeding Gums Murphey), but one of the scenes that always gets me is when Homer's estranged mother is forced to abandon him for a second time when he's an adult.

The way Homer clearly regresses back to his childhood as he stares up at the stars and the specially composed music for the scene are The Simpsons at its best.

1. Howard's Mom Feeds Everyone for the Final Time - Big Bang Theory

Although I couldn't find the entire clip, I'm hoping this emotive moment happened recently enough for you to remember how touching it truly was.

When Carol Ann Susi, the voice of Howard's mom, died in real life she was also written out of the show and given a touching tribute episode to celebrate her life and the casts' genuine emotion about losing a colleague really shines through.

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