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I recall so many confused faces when Super Smash Bros. walked away with the Best Fighting Game award at last year's Game Awards. But then you understand; thee people clearly haven't played it. It's been a pleasure to watch this series mature over the years, and no, I don't harbour any resentment for the game even though I am unapologetically woeful at playing resentment at all...

But Super Smash Bros. on Wii U is one of those games that you embrace every aspect of - including its faults. Some games are rampant with glitches and bugs that will drive you insane (looking at you Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5). But these videos are here to show you that Super Smash Bros. is actually a game that you can't help but adore, warts and all!

Super Smash Bros.
Super Smash Bros.

These Glitches Show Make Super Smash Bros. Even Better!

Never was a truer word spoken. It's not exactly referencing gaming glitches but we all get the idea! In any case, let's start off with one individual who has most certainly got his fair share of glitches, poor old Luigi. Living in Mario's shadow is understandably frustrating and some times he just needs to express these frustrations in unusual ways.

Then of course we have some of the old classics, which saw your characters growing to the size of unnaturally ginormous beasts. But this particular growth spurt was accompanied by the most terrifying of eye glitches. It makes the whole thing rather disturbing...SSB4, you beauty, you!

Luigi returns once more, only this time he seems unnaturally determined to get the hell out of this battle. But naturally, he's going to do it in style. I do love how he appears to be keeping his cool during the whole thing, while simultaneously coming to grips with the fact that this really is the end.

Next up, we have Mewtwo with a glitch that essentially turns this Pokemon into the alien from...Alien! I don't know about you, but the movements that this glitch created are pretty disturbing. However, it does somehow give Yoshi the ability to jump for an unnatural number of times. This glitch has creates its own form of beautiful gaming logic...

Have Any Favourite SSB4 Glitches?

Embracing glitches is a wonderful thing, there's no other art form that can replicate such creations! And sometimes, they just perfectly depict what's so great about this art form in the process. Other times, they aptly sum up how you deal with life. Like this one here - some days life is just too much to handle.


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