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David Mitchell and Robert Webb have been heading the cult British comedy Peep Show for over a decade, with their characters Mark and Jeremy experiencing a string of bad luck and failed romances. Though series 8 aired over 3 years ago, Channel 4 recently announced that the unlikely friends will indeed return for season 9 next year, though the exact release date has not been set yet.

The fan base for Peep Show has never been enormous: though many people dip in and out of the show in the UK, Peep Show has not been an international smash hit. Yet the mixture of surreal and down to Earth comedy, along with a good dose of schadenfreude, has earned the show a loyal fan base, and many were happy to hear of the season 9 announcement. But if you're hoping for a final happy ending for the dismal duo, you just might be disappointed...

It's Curtains For Mark And Jez

Although many fans were hoping the show would continue ad infinitum, Channel 4 was firm that season 9 would be Peep Show's last. The network's head of comedy, Phil Clarke, was adamant that season 9 would mark the end of an era.

"It's a matter of winding down the programme. We’re talking about Peep Show, and how that's going to be rounded off. The discussion is about how it's going to conclude."
Getting cosy in series 9
Getting cosy in series 9

David Mitchell confirmed Clarke's comments after the announcement, in an interview with the Radio Times, saying "it's definitely the last". So what's in store for Jez and Mark? While the actors and writers are keeping mum so far, we have had a few hints that the show's conclusion won't leave the friends successful or overwhelmingly happy, as Robert Webb revealed.

"They will be in horrible pain as usual. They will not win the lottery, they will not have a happy ending."

Ever since season 1, the root of the show's humour has been a comedy of errors, as the characters try and fail to navigate the difficulties of everyday life. It's good to know that season 9's conclusion really will be in keeping with the tone of the series, though we hope the writers won't leave Mark and Jez in too much trouble. Thankfully, Channel 4 have talked about possible continuations after season 9, so at least the characters won't end up dead.

The Future Is Bright...ish

Old friends reunited years later?
Old friends reunited years later?

Though the ending of season 9 may be doom and gloom, at least we can rest assured Mark and Jez will at least survive the finale, as writer Sam Bain revealed.

"We don’t plan to kill them off, so the opportunity to do more would be there if we chose to."

So what "more" would there be to do? David Mitchell has some ideas about the two coming back in "old age", though he did point out it's unlikely they'd still share a flat after so many years.

"[We've] always said, 'Who knows, when we’re all sixty, we might do a Whatever Happened to Mark and Jeremy series’, so we’re still reserving the right to do that."

A 'Where Are They Now' style reunion show sounds like the perfect opportunity for comedy, so let's hope Channel 4 still have faith in Peep Show even after season 9 airs! For the moment though, the final series is shaping up to be a promising and "climactic" finish to the show, and we can't wait to see what Mark and Jez do next.


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