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Jim Carrey met his girlfriend Cathriona White in 2012. They dated for a few months, and then split up. Just five months ago, the two lovebirds rekindled their relationship, and all seemed well between the two.

Unfortunately, Jim and Cathriona broke up for a second time on September 24th, and White moved into a friend's residence. This time, however, Cathriona was deeply impacted by the dissolving relationship.

White must have been in such despair, as LAPD responded to a call last night and found she had committed suicide at said residence. Found beside her body was a large quantity of pills. She had left behind a suicide note addressed to Carrey.

Before she had passed, Cathriona had tweeted this last goodbye on September 24th:

We send our deepest condolences to Cathriona's family and friends, and to Jim Carrey during this incredibly difficult time.

If you or a friend ever get thoughts of suicide, please visit here for help, or call 1-800-273-TALK.

[Source: TMZ]


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