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Actor Tim Rose has reprised his role as Admiral Ackbar in [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) and it appears he's kind of bummed out about how things are going so far. The actor and puppeteer recently sat down with AAP in Sydney, Australia to discuss some of his thoughts and feelings about the whole thing.

Firstly, he was asked what he could say about his character and the film. He said there was very little he could reveal and he complained about it off the bat.

"I'm very frustrated by that. Out of the need to be secret, we're not actually able to get everything we need to do our jobs as well as we could. "And as someone who has been doing it for 35 years, I find it very frustrating."

He's been doing this for a while, and he's yet to have experienced something this difficult - although, I think he needs to realize that most people would love to be in [Star Wars](tag:2395282). I'm not exactly sure why he's so upset. But it gets crazier...

He compared the costume that he had to dress up in to being left in infamous prison designed for detaining terrorists, Guantanamo Bay. Seems like a serious exaggeration to me, but I guess that's how he feels.

Guantanamo is worse than the Admiral Ackbar costume
Guantanamo is worse than the Admiral Ackbar costume

He said, while wearing the outfit, he experiences sensory deprivation, suffocation from lack of air and a high rise in body temperature from wearing the foam latex suit.

"It takes a unique sort of masochist to ever want to do it in the first place. But the joy of doing it is the joy of animatronics, and that's taking the foam latex, an inanimate object, and making people think it's alive."

Dude, you're in Star Wars. Get over yourself. I mean, Mon Calamari (the species that Admiral Ackbar is a part of) are used to being in wet, hot, humid weather. Uncomfortable surroundings are kind of their jam.

Funnily enough, he randomly kind of brags a little bit:

"I'd like to think I gave Ackbar something special which you can tell. I think you can. I can tell when I see my friends who do specialised and full body suit work no matter what character they go into; I can tell you exactly who it is because I know their movements so well."

He kind of saved himself though, with his final comments on what to expect and the enjoyment you are liable to get from the film:

"What I can say about the new movie is that if you were a fan of the original three, you're going to absolutely love this one to bits."

He added:

"You can expect a smorgasbord of people you love."

Okay, there we go. He's not so upset after all.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens hits theaters December 18th. Check out this reel from San Diego Comic-Con!


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