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Red is one of my personal favorite colors. Red and gold are the colors of the university I attended, and therefore my comforter, my sheets, and my towels had to all match.

I have considered even dying my hair a shade of red, but I fear I won't pull off the look, so I've instead been apt to stare at any redhead passing by in envy.

Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris, on the other hand, isn't afraid to take the plunge and make a bold statement, as this gorgeous lady recently dyed her hair a stunning shade of red.

She looks incredibly beautiful!

She might have convinced me to make an appointment and get my hair done like this as soon as possible.

I can't believe the little girl with her big blue eyes has grown up to become such a gorgeous lady with an incredible sense of fashion. In case you wanted to revamp your wardrobe, and you weren't sure how to freshen it up, you should definitely check out this stylish chick's Instagram.

I wouldn't mind borrowing a few items from her closet if she'd let me.

[Source: Instagram]


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