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Zachary Levi's steady rise to stardom began years ago, arguably when he landed the lead role in Chuck, the hit comedy that propelled the young actor straight up into the Marvel Cinematic Universe when he took over the role of Fandral in [Thor: The Dark World](tag:206462).

Born a middle child between two sisters in Louisiana, the charismatic actor took on his middle name as his stage surname, because his actual surname -- "Pugh" -- sounds too much like "Pew". Alongside on-camera roles, Levi has lent his voice to hit video games such as Halo: Reach and Fallout: New Vegas.

Levi has redefined the conventional young hero, often playing reluctant would-be saviors that have more real-world concerns than your standard fantasy lead. From stealing hearts as the animated Flynn Rider to taking down "EVO"-humans in [Heroes: Reborn](tag:926825), Zachary Levi has had a full plate's worth of work over the past ten years. These days, he's got the Heroes reboot, he's prepping to take on the role of Flynn again in the Tangled animated series, and he serves as the host of Syfy's Geeks Who Drink.

Not only that, he has a huge heart as the head of Nerd HQ, which runs the wildly popular Conversations for a Cause every year at San Diego Comic-Con to raise money for Operation Smile.

Levi hosts Geeks Who Drink on Syfy
Levi hosts Geeks Who Drink on Syfy

Here's an extremely happy birthday to Zachary Levi from all of us here at Moviepilot!


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