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I was hardly a 9 year old kid when Minority report was released back in 2002 . I do remember that as a kid, all Tom Cruise had meant to me was " Ethan Hunt " ( his character in the iconic Mission Impossible series. I really never had the urge to watch his other movies, especially the ones which had such dark concepts i was the person who used to be attracted to the more colorful films like his " Knight & Day " .

After almost 13 years of the rage and mania Minority report had created, now when the TV series is about to hit the screens, i thought of giving the film a try and was i impressed ? well i can only say one thing that there is a reason why Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise, why he is the person after whom " everybody runs ".

The plot-

In the year 2054, John Anderton ( Cruise ) , a pre-crime officer, who along his group of officers put a halt at the future crimes, which are revealed to them by the "precogs" who can see the future. John, an already brooding father who has been mourning over his lost son since seven years, finds him in a shocking and unwanted crime in near future which he has no clue about and how he deals with it, proves his innocence, gets clue about what had happened with his son, is what forms the crux of the story.

Why the film is a must watch ?-

Simply because when you know Tom Cruise is there in every singe frame of the screen, you tend to suffer from major dilemma that whether the film is good because of him or whether his character is being rooted for because of the film. in both the circumstances, all you take back home is Cruise's performance, his incredible action scenes, and a heavy heart with varied emotions that the film evokes within you.

In every scenario, Cruise is just so perfect as John, and he delivers the hurt, guilt, helplessness and yearn of a father with so much conviction that at a point you as a viewer will crave that John deserves to get his son back. If you have been impressed with Cruise doing deadly stunts, and believably winning every mission on earth, then you are in for a treat as Cruise obviously attempts and carries some terrific action sequences and performing each of them as if he was playing his favorite game.

My personal favorite was his intense and emotional scenes, his breakdown after learning about his son, his reaction after " Agatha " defines a beautiful could be future of his son.

Collin Farrell as Danny and the one trying to catch John was convincing in his part, but Max von Sydow was fantastic as Lamar, he truly carried his hypocritical character with mystery and charm.

The film hardly gives any chance or even any single moment to get bored, the screenplay is fabulous. the way the drama unfolds with a combustion of action, emotions and suspense, hats off to the director . Furthermore, the director ( Steven Spielberg ) ensures that he keeps the pace smooth and the unfolding of drama less complex and more connective, he has done a commendable job, definitely deserves a lot of credit for the impact the film creates within the audience .

My favorite liner-

" Last 7 years, i have only thought of two things that how my son will look like now and will i recognize him if he ever passes by me in the street " - John

Ratings- 9/10 . For the delight which Tom Cruise is onscreen, he defines every form of art, craft, perfection, entertainment onscreen.


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