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Bizarre A.C. takes over The Chelsea Hotel in Atlantic City on October 16-18.

"A unique horror & pop culture experience" will immerse guests into a world of interactive components. SFX makeup classes with Ricky Vitus of FACE-OFF, Philip Friedman dressed IN-COSTUME on Saturday & Sunday as The "Old Woman" from Insidious, an UNHEARD-OF appearance! Comic Book Men's own resident expert Robert Bruce taking on all-comers for the "Stump The Popculturist" challenge, Brian O'Halloran from CLERKS doing acting classes and themed photo shoots, even DOYLE from The Misfits hosting a Monster Ball coupled with a live concert nightlife event!

A floor of The Chelsea Hotel's parking garage will be converted into a Zombie Escape Experiment, called "Surviving 28 Days"...make it to the end "unbitten"(flag football style) to receive a special commendation!

That combined with costumed actors, a retro video game living room and a slew of cool exhibitors...Bizarre AC III this October 16-18 will transform the way the horror convention is done, FOREVER!!


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