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Not much of a comic book reader in fact i've never read a comic book because they do not sell it in my country but i love reading your blogs
Moustapha Sayed

Batman is probably if not absolutely the greatest hero ever. Wether its his combat techniques, his cool gadgets or his ninja like skills, Batman always makes sure to be a badass. And as if Batman wasn't great enough, Chris Nolan came to defie the odds and make Batman even more badass. With his trilogy, we've seen a darker side of Batman's personality and yet darker foes. Wether it's Liam Neeson's Raz Al Gul or the phenomenal Heath Ledger's Joker, or Tom Hardy's Bane that literally broke Batman

they all stepped up to the mat and gave a hell of a preformance.

Unfortunately, Chris Nolan was only allowed to make a trilogy, so in his last movie "The Dark Knight Rises", Chris Nolan made sure to give his audience a run for their money. Anyone who watched The Dark Knight Rises knows that at the end of the movie, Batman carried the nuclear bomb with the Batmobile that at that time we thought didn't have an autopilot over Gotham and onto the bay where it exploded while it was still attached to the Batmobile. Therefore, making everyone think that Batman died and after that, we see Bruce Wayne's funeral. Where we truly believed that Batman is gone forever. Or so we thought. Because after that came a scene where Alfred was sitting in a restaurant and when he looks forward he sees none other than Bruce Wayne and Catwoman sitting on the other table

Now there has been many theories that says that batman did die or that this scene is just Alfred's imagination. Well i'm here to denie all of those theories. All those theories saying that it is not real, it's just Alfred's imagination are dead wrong because of one person and that person is Catwoman. Yes!! Catwoman!! Because simply Alfred never met Catwoman face to face and wasn't present when Bane took over the city. In addition, the Batmobile did have an autopilot. If you see the ending again, you'll see Mr Fox trying to see how could he have put an autopilot on the Batmobile when the maintenance guy says that there is an autopilot in the Batmobile. Which explains how Bruce Wayne was present in the restaurant with Catwoman.


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