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Movie fans can take pride in memorizing famous movie lines and throwing them out there when it fits into a conversation. Sometimes we do it when we want to feel cool although it has never been confirmed if we actually exude it. I mean, really… how awesome is it when you can yell at someone Say ‘what’ again! I dare you. I double dare you mother…!

I don’t normally have a problem associating a line to the correct movie but when I put on noise cancelling headphones and I am obligated to hear Ellie Goulding’s Love Me Like You Do, it is a bit of a challenge.

For this video of CineClub my best friend, Ivelisse, and I took a shot at the traditional Whisper Challenge tag but we add our own flair to it. Instead of choosing random sentences, we picked some of our favorite movie quotes for the other one to guess. It might seem easy. Picking up on one or two words from classic movie quotes can be an easy giveaway but it’s safe to say both intelligence and common sense took a serious hit during this challenge. Check out the video for some seriously funny moments!

Since it is meant to be a tag, I have a duty to conclude. I tag the following: any MoviePilot contributor, any reader who wants to have a great time with some friends and whoever thinks they are good at reading lips. All in all, it is guaranteed fun and a great way to test your movie fan skills.

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