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It's here! The leaves are changing colors, you are slowly pulling all your jackets from the closet, and the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back in full force! Time to cozy up and bask in the nostalgia of Fall in film!

There is a certain nostalgia that comes along with the arrival of fall. Summer has come to an end everyone is craving cold weather and absolutely ANYTHING pumpkin!

Halloween and Thanksgiving are around the corner, and there is nothing better than getting cozy on the couch as the cold weather rolls in to watch some of the best films with that feel good fall magic! So next time you are planning a night in, consider pushing play on one of these iconic fall films!

The Sixth Sense

Halloween is abound and it's time to see dead people. There is not another film to date that delivers anything close to the epic creepy twist that The Sixth Sense does. No matter how many times I watch this movie, I still jump and have to cover my eyes. If you are looking to get your spook on minus the gore, M. Night Shyamalan's masterpiece starring Bruce Willis, Tony Colette, and Haley Joel Osment is the perfect fall film to watch (with a buddy of course...)!

When Harry Met Sally

Duh! This might be THE best autumn romantic comedy of all time. The New York setting, the will they or won't they, the happy tears, the laughs, there is nothing NOT cozy about this movie with the worlds most perfect paring of all time, Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. Maybe it will spark a fall romance for you that you never saw coming!


RUDY! RUDY! RUDY! Stop what you are doing, if you have not seen the most feel-good film of all time, Rudy, starring The Goonies Sean Astin, watch nothing else until you do! Set at the gorgeous University of Notre Dame, Rudy is the classic underdog set out to accomplish his impossible dream of playing football for Notre Dame by any means possible! Based on a true story, this movie will have your heart full of inspiration and your eyes full of tears.

Hocus Pocus

If there is ANY Fall or Halloween film list with this movie not on it, don't even bother reading it because it's bull. Hocus Pocus is the BEST Halloween film of all time and is sure to put the fall spell on you. So grab your friends, and LOADS of Halloween candy, and throw a sing-a-long sleepover, because let's be honest, you already know every word. Now, come little children...

You've Got Mail

I wanted it to be you, I wanted it to be you so badly! Sleepless in Seattle is to Christmas as You've Got Mail is to Fall. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan falling in love over books, emails, latte dates, and strolls around New York in the Fall is all you've ever needed in life. This film is a timeless fall classic, and will make you run to your local bookstore faster than you can say pumpkin spice!

Garden State

Small rainy town, awkward guy meets even more awkward girl, adventure ensue amidst the season's change, and all set to the sounds of Nick Drake, The Shins, and Imogen Heap (then Frou Frou). YES PLEASE! Garden State starring Natalie Portman and Zach Braff is a cult classic that will make you dream of leaving your big city beach sun fore a small town east coast storm. It's a must watch on a cold fall night at home with your pumpkin spice latte (or a hot toddy) in hand.

Runaway Bride

Here come the fall feels. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere reunite in this kooky comedy about the wrong love at the right time and the right love at the wrong time. Richard Gere clings to his NYC journalism career as he chases down the story of the century in a small town nearby about a bride that just can't stay in one place long enough to actually get married, aka Julia Roberts. They find love in autumn air and ride off into the fall sunset together on gallant horses alongside orange and yellow trees, literally on horses. Cue feels fest!

Nightmare Before Christmas

I sense there's something in the wind...Ya, IT'S FALL! Nightmare Before Christmas may have Christmas in the title, but the film is set mostly in Halloweentown, so it is definitely a combo Fall/Christmas movie! Tim Burton's cult classic will never cease to be one of the best Halloween and Holiday films of all time, Jack Skellington truly is the Pumpkin King and you better recognize! Like Hocus Pocus, this is perfect for an at home karaoke party, maybe with a little frog's breath to get the party really started!

Dead Poet's Society

Oh Captain, my captain! Robin Williams may have departed this world, but he left us with one of the best and most inspiring films of all time. Dead Poet's Society has everything a fall film needs! Poetry, a northeastern setting, and a whole lot of amazing performances to inspire your fall-artistic side! Robin Williams plays a teacher who uses unorthodox methods to reach his prep-school boys, inspiring them to dream beyond the pressures from their parents and elite school. Fall is the season for creativity and wistfulness, and this film has it!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Of all the Harry Potter Films, the very first to grace us with it's brilliance is the very best one to watch as the leaves begin to fall. Exploring the magic and wonder of The Sorcerer's Stone among the mysteries of Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with baby Daniel Radcliffe with hit you in the nostalgic feels big time. It's fall as Harry begins his first year at Hogwart's, and starts what will be the hardest most fateful journey of his life, but no need to worry about that now. Sorcerer's Stone is the most light-hearted of the Harry Potter films and will put you in the fall spirit, and all you need is a big mug of butter beer!

So how about a fall movie night? YES PLEASE! Pick your favorite fall film, whip up a batch of Butterbeer (get the recipe here!), and cozy up for a fall night in!


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