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We know Colton Haynes isn't returning as a regular for Arrow in season 4, but what is he returned for a new spinoff series. If you haven't heard of this new comic book due then shame on you but Arsenal a.k.a Roy Harper and Red Hood a.k.a Jason Todd have become a vigilante due taking down big threats and even taking on batman. The show can be as dark as arrow and a batman movie combined and will actually pave a way for batman to join the dc tv universe as an adult. The TV would be complicated due to Red Hood's background which has never been established in live action before.


The plot isn't completely hard for this however. Red Hood after all the trouble he has been through with the bat family has decided to lead a bunch of hereos, namely Arsenal and Starfire. The first season of the TV show would mainly be setting up Red Hood's background up to the part of where he has found Arsenal. Constant flash backs like Arrow would be a big part of the series in the eyes of Red Hood. Howver for the well known Arsenal a small transition period needs to be set up so we know that he has lost his arm and gone to metropolis where lex luthor is happy to help him out with giving him a robotic arm. However in the case of not becoming overly complicated with bringing in the superman phase too early, Roy could easily go to Star Labs with Ollie and have Cisco make him a robotic arm. Red Hood allows us to once again see Constantine and even Tahlia Al Guhl who would be the two reviving him after his ordeal with the Joker from death in the family. After bringing in the back story of each character The Outlaws as they are affectionately known would be fighting threats such as Kobra, the league of assassins would make an appereance looking for Red Hood and other smaller Batman and Green Arrow villians.


The other big aspect of getting this TV show right is the casting to kick it off

Roy Harper- Colton Haynes

Of course Colton Haynes would come back as Arsenal. There would be uproar if he didn't.

Red Hood- Jake Gyllenhall

Jake Gyllenhall although not as young as Red Hood should be there is nothing a little makeup can't do and as the name suggests he's wearing a mask a lot of the time. Gyllenhall role in Everest and Southpaw shows his ruthlessness (Southpaw) and his funny side in Everest which really personifies Jason Todd around Roy Harper

Starfire- Emma Roberts

Starfire is a hard casting due to unmeasurable amounts of weirdness and being an alien isn't easy to pair up with someone. Luckily there's cgi so alot of starfire will be cgi voiced by Emma Roberts.

Cool notes

We know that Red Hood wears a coat well if Constantine does help save Red Hood like he will Sarah Lance for Legends of Tomorrow. It would be a nice end if when Jason awakens from the Lazareith Pit then he falls unconcious, John Constantine puts his coat over him carries him to his room and walks away. This would be a great start for Red Hood's suit and story and a good end for John Constantine.

Who would you like to see as villians for this TV show. Would you like to see it. Comment below!


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