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Now one week from the start of season 2 of The Flash, The CW unveiled a new trailer for the show (You can check it below).

While not giving new informations on this new season, we still got our first glimpse at a very expected character...


The person you can see on this blurry image is indeed the "big bad" of this second season, Zoom.

Looks like the producers didn't lie about how monstrous Zoom will look like. Those bright blue eyes make him looks like a demon. If you want to picture him better, think of Daniel West on the new 52, who played the new Reverse-Flash. I think this TV version of Zoom will be pretty close to it.

Besides what we know about who will play his voice, we don't know much about him, his motivations and I really look forward to see him in action.

As Alfred Hitchcock once said: "The more successful the villain, the more successful the picture." And I can't wait to see this quote proved again.

The Flash season 2 begins October 6th on The CW.


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